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Behind The Buildings

Every gesture can pe fatal, this in no theatre
Behind the grey buildings that's were we are, the majority,
they are more tall near the highway so you cant see the hunger,
So you can't see dem boys preying on suckers
and the night girls that sell pussy at the corners.
A lot of people are not contributing for the society.
I'm wondering how so, are there no taxes?
They came once or twice, even a third time to ask for money
and they sucked it for money.
Bribery is the means to get out of trouble,
a cop, a prosecutor, a senator and you've got away.
Gigi, why is it bad but also good,
look every day, gadgets, limos.
And you often meet a begger
that according to someone was once a doctor.
So, if you want treatment, come behind the buildings,
and my boys will resuscitate ya.
{Chorus} (x2)
Behind the buildings that's where we are, to better understand us
behind the buildings are those that prey on you.
Suckers shut ups, we're writing lines everyday
because in the hood is all about having balls.
Many would like to get away, to get out from behind the buildings,
to live a peaceful life in some other place.
This is someting familiar and only we can truly know how it is(how?)
It's how we're feeling, it's how we're living.
How the fuck else would it be when it's only like this?
Since i've been here nothing has changed,
they are the same grey buildings and ya do everything behind em,
we're many of us but you're on your own.
Maybe the government thinks you're a whore
if they can take away half of yo money.
What's there to do then to survive?
Your thoughts are to con, your thoughts are to steal,
to make a little hustle to round your profit,
to make money to live, to climb the social hierarchy.
I dont know what's your opinion, maybe it's different than mine,
but ya feel much better with money in yo pockets!
{Chorus} (x2)
That's how we want it, that's how it is cuz that's good,
we keep it between us, we dont get involved with somebody else.
We're ready for everything, anyway, anytime, whenever,
i say fuck those that are not,
those that wanna be part of the shit,
those that talk facts cuz that's what's right.
Behind the buildings that's where we are, to better understand us
behind the buildings are those that prey on you.
Cuz all we do is for our own good, that's normal,
above law, beyond mercy, all over your hospital bed.
There are good days and bad days, we keep it to ourselfs,
as long as you have a record your words do not matter.
So we'll do all we have left to do, tht's what we're doing,
we're living how we know it, making money and not bragging about it.
We'll take away even your woman to suck our dicks,
behind the buildings, and we fuck your mouth too.
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Dupa Blocuri v2

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