Qntal - Ecce Gratum (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Here comes the beloved one

"They all jump and sing
under the magic realm of Cupid"
Here comes the beloved and awaited one
spring brings back joy:
the meadow covers in crimson flowers,
the sun calms everything.
Untoward events already move back!
Summer will come back so now
the rigours of winter fade away
Already melt and decrease
hail, snow and the rest;
fog flees and already appears
the fertile land of spring.
Miserable is the mind of the one
who neither lives nor rejoices
Under the right hand of summer!
They glorify and rejoice
in the sweetness of honey,
Those who get ready, in order to serve
as the price of Cupid.
Sex at Venus' disposal, glorifying and rejoicing
ready to be Pâris!
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Ecce Gratum

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