Juli - Ein Gruß (Angol translation)

Angol translation

A salute

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This is a greeting to this morning
and to last night
To the person who woke me up
and to him who is always laughing
To the guys at the till
to whom it is irrelevant who I am
You know the purpose
This is a greeting to the home
and to everyone around me
To the people that like us
to those who think we're stupid
To the people on the telly
and to those in front of it who understand us
We can see you
You are the others we are the rest
You accept it, and we hold on to it.
This is a greeting to our sisters
and a greeting to every child
Whose fathers travel with us
and they're therefore lonely
A greeting to all the people
without whom this here wouldn't be possible
You are the way
A greeting to our friends
and to those that once were
To those that say what they think
and to those that spare it
To the people that believe that we are not up to some mischief
I can feel your presence
Ihr nehmt es an, und wir halten es fest.
I'll do everything until you never forget that
...and I'll hold you tight
nie wieder los!x2
Ich lass euch nie wieder los!x2
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