Marwan Khoury - El Garar (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The decision

Not when I'm beside you am I relaxed
Nor when I'm far from you do the wounds get better
Oh this heart's, that loved you, wings are broken
Can't fly and never will I stay in your hands
If only my heart would wake up someday and has forgot all that was
And this sleep drowns me in seas of forgetting
Your love made me become a world of sadness
If only my heart knows to want and for once makes a decision
Build a new person and leave behind me this destruction
Your love destroyed me a lot and I can't choose
Oh how do I hate myself, staying imprisoned by longing
Oh how I think, so I don't suffer, that we weren't
Oh this word on paper and insanity erases it
Every time I think I will tell you, I find myself missing you
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