Elie (Angol translation)

Angol translation


He looked at you
Then he smiled to me
It had been so long
Since he had said anything
There was almost a century
Keeping you apart
Down his cheek
A tear rolled
He tool at arm's length
In a burst of laughter
You, baby, you took his finger
As if you wanted to hold him back
Then he told you
Of that past life
He told you about
Yours, which was just beginning
All of your anger
All of your sorrows, your joys
Your most beautiful wars
Those which we don't win
And then his eyes fell
Slowly on each of us
And each of us could read in them
Some words for tomorrow
To live to be able to live again
That is your only duty
The duty to talk to remain free
The duty of your memory
His eyes sang 'thanks, thanks,
I'm not afraid of leaving anymore'
And then came Celine,
The one he loved so much
She'd been loving only him
For sixty-two years
He looked at her
No need for words
His eyes told her
'Don't make me wait too long...'
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