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False Idols

God and the devil don't exist,
they are a dirty hoax,
a dirty trick1...
to manipulate fragile
and susceptible minds
which thirst for slavery
Let's destroy their false idols,
let's step over their words of slavery,
and servility.
Vigorously we'll repudiate their lies
we'll free our minds,
we'll strengthen our spirits.
That our black hearts
may swell with pride,
about becoming our own guides.
"Do as thou wilt" shall be the whole of the law,
and may our pleasures
nourish our existence,
just remember,
there's no God greater than yourself
there's no Devil greater than yourself.
there's no God greater than yourself
there's no Devil greater than yourself.
  • 1. a bad play of hand
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Falsos ídolos

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ScieraSciera    Kedd, 30/06/2015 - 21:32

I hope you don't mind me commenting on a translation between your two native languages. But since I did a translation of it into German, I noticed I understood some lines differently.

"a bad play of hand..." - as in, an unmoral play of hand, or a play of hand bad for the one who does it?

The three lines after that I'd understand as:
"to manipulate fragile and susceptible minds which thirst for slavery"

"Destruyamos" etc. are imperatives - so why did you translate them as future? I'd say "let's destroy" instead of "we'll destroy".

"al ser nuestros propios guías"
I didn't understand that line temporal, so I'd translate it as
"to be our own guides"

""Do what you want" the law says,"
Since that line refers to an English quote, one may as well use the original words: "Do as thou wilt (shall be the whole of the law)"

"there's no more of God than there is of you"
Why "of"?

phantasmagoriaphantasmagoria    Csütörtök, 02/07/2015 - 01:35

"una mala jugada..." (a bad play of hand) - to my understanding, it's like a came of cards and you get the bad cards and you lose, your hand (cards) was bad. Or when you bet on something, and you lose, you chose a bad option. A literal translation would be "a bad play/a bad game".

"to manipulate fragile and susceptible minds which thirst for slavery" - to this I agree to change.

Destruyamos - you're right, I read it as 'destruiremos'.

se hinchen de orgullo al ser nuestros propios guías - the 'al ser' is to become, that's why I put that there. The entire sentence is "May I hearts swell with pride when we become our own guides".

I didn't know they were referring to a quote, I will change it to that then.

no hay más dios que tu mismo - It's hard to explain, but it's something like "He's no more a God than you are a human", or, it can also be translated as "There's no God greater than yourself" etc. Although, now that I'm looking at it again, I feel the second one is better than what I had originally put.

ScieraSciera    Szerda, 15/07/2015 - 22:52

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late reply.

I'd assume "un mala jugada" to mean "a dirty trick" since that fits the context much better.

Is the paragraph beginning with "Repudiemos" not written in imperatives as well?

"with pride when we become our own guides"
Could it also mean "with pride about becoming our own guides"?