A Film Forog Tovabb (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The film's rolling on

1. Gazing at the hand which others may offer to you,
You are too foppish, you turn your head upwards,
You have no past, but you still have tomorrow,
Oh, this is your adventure!
2. Until you bend your knees before the neckties,
You can't lie on the ground among the dragons,
But instead you run head-on at the stone wall,
Maybe you could strike.
R. Just fly, just fly free,
Just fly through the endless roads!
All your minutes are a reward
On the days without chains.
3. You always know that you'll see
The hidden, concealed Philosopher's stone.
Your dream is earthly but it flies up to the sky,
Oh, it's wonderful, isn't it.
4. But the wind blows away all the footprints,
And nothing will remain but suffocating sand.
The sweet years may also pass away so,
Oh, don't you forget that!
5. No matter how much every unseen slap hurt,
Your tears leave no wrinkles on your face yet,
Your glances are limited by your soul,
There is no other barrier.
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A Film Forog Tovabb