fits and starts

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fits and starts (Angol) — in short bursts of motion or effort

Example: It took Susan a long time to finish her education. She pursued it in fits and starts.

Angol, explained by ϕιλομαθής on Vasárnap, 22/07/2018 - 14:03

fits and starts — неравномерно; рывками; скачками; урывками.

Orosz, explained by St. Sol on Vasárnap, 22/07/2018 - 16:54

"fits and starts" in lyrics

It bacame my water, became my foot but I was loveless

Roads are exhausting which I pass
Years teach you if you can live by fits and starts
I will be silent to everything without you
The whole world was turning but I was not in it

Tarkan - Love Me Much

i had water, i had food but i was without love

it was caisson disease that i climbed over roads
Do you live in fits and starts, years teach
I kept quiet without you
The whole world was turning, i wasnt in it

Tarkan - Love Me So Much

I want to hold you, wrap my arms around you.
Hug you tightly, let my love surround you.
True Love's hooks, tugging our hearts
Digs in deeper in fits and starts.
We're so lucky to have found it
Honey, I'm a little sad to say...

Jeremiah Nolte - Some Folks Don't

We walk away with memories
And clutch them to our hearts
We're disembodied entities
We move in fits and starts
For burning wine

David Gilmour - All Lovers Are Deranged