on the fly

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on the fly (Angol) — en el camino

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"on the fly" in lyrics

my place is you

My girl is magical
She throws the world up and catches it on the fly
Turns an afternoon into a masterpiece
And she makes me feel good when I'm with her

Jovanotti - Magic Girl

I say to you goodbye from tomorrow's countries.

They're visions of farmer souls,
on the fly around the world.
One thousand years at the world, still a thousand years.
what such a good lie you're my soul!

Fabrizio De André - Safe Souls

We are the useless ones
made in that way
We are those of the occasions
taken on the fly like pigeons
We are those that
you see here

Vasco Rossi - The usual ones

my conscience says let them enjoy it
here take my dreams made of chocolate

On the fly you didn't manage in time
to hide the traces of cheat from me
it doesn't matter, I'll remember for ever the picture of this night

Djogani - Dreams made of chocolate

In this rap business
we came hands in our pockets
Back in the day it was 'chuck that beat'
We were doing things on the fly
letting our rage talk
my friends and I

Sniper - Carved in Stone

I'm a Hamburg boy and I come in full-swing
when I bounce and jump and sing about Hamburg
Saturday night - a Schnapps and cool blondes
on the fly, another fish cake
Störtebeke already knew the north rocks
so he docked his boat here

Fettes Brot - Northern by nature

So surprise me, and then
I'll surprise you again
On the fly
(On the fly)

Is this the beginning

Aya Hirano - Is this an adventure?

Most important are you,
More important than all
That my arms have embraced on the fly

That’s what I – a victim of my own illusions -

Dino Merlin - Most important are you

[Verse 1:]
I'm goin out tonight, it's goin' down
Headed straight to the front of the line, on the fly
On the floor I can't stand still
And I'm goin to work like I'm paying my bills (bills)

Kim Kardashian - Jam (Turn It Up)

Speed in blood,
Catch the luck!

We ripped the eternity on the fly off,
And the road was hissing, like a snake.
Bodies were glowing, like candles

Ariya - The King Of Road

Listen to me, just let this day pass by
Darling, I'm 100 times better than you" when it comes to love"
Believe me or just ask around
Believe me, you always act like you understand things on the fly
My love for you is bigger than you think
My love has always quenched the thirst of your heart

Bahaa Soltan - Challenge

And no matter which town it’s from, this one’s the worst
Your disses are just fan mail, I’ll write the verdict
Fler rapes you wannabe Berliners, that’s no accident
Print Monato on the fly, you’re just making peanuts ⁸
What’s my label producing? It fucks the biatch! ⁹

Fler - Underground (explicit)

do you want techno I give you techno, do you want lyrics, I give you lyrics
but you have to accept as a bonus my cinic humour
I was told I had no chance to become someone through my lyrics
I don't even have that desire, I try to grow, 'cause I learned to learn things on the fly
chosen by God as the only prophet around here, I fortell only good things for you
your future is fake, you say around that you have met me at a greensward

Profethu - Pray for me to die

The valley had a golden flag in the breeze.

I see the Mountain Eagle in the lonely and two fishs on the fly

Article two fishes through the water like sea salt

Sa Ding Ding - Alive

Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows
Bend ova, make your knees touch your elbows

Head baby on the fly ain't shit really
I get pussy so wet that's a free willy
Pussy on the pedestal watch 'em pop a wheelie

Lil Jon - Bend Ova

A starry highway traced on the map of the sky
Like lovers and heroes, lonely as the eagle's cry
We're only at home when we're on the fly
On the fly

When we are young

Rush - Dreamline

Although I thought it was not my day
It turned around in another way
And I just spend some
time there on the fly

Where is my mind

Lena (Meyer-Landrut) - What Happened To Me

All your steps are my wings
your desires each of my defaults
help it, it's coming
catch it on the fly

May winds not bring

Leiva - No one ever

Our smoke would be higher.

If it could be known how to overtake you
And to catch on the fly,
Our raw-hide tent would be cleaner and better,
Our smoke would be sweeter.

Nautilus Pompilius - Chugada

The spring means weathers slightly warmer
melting the gray snow.
Unearthing all the things
thrown away on the fly.

When everything was right

Tuuli - Street dust

Learning on the fly
How to gather and analyze
Nothing is living if nothing dies
What an exception to make
Roundly rejecting our faith

Bright Eyes - Singularity

such a beautiful dirt!
He was an engineer, now he's watchman,
he choosed it for himself by himself.
And his Belomor burns on the fly,
And this is new life at new post.

Akvarium - New life at new post

Working from the hole
I will cut between, I will pick and choose
I edit on the fly, I put it into focus
Scene by scene

Mr Fogg - Moving Parts

I thought you - the hero, but it turned out that is not.
And everything that you told me - is invented nonsense.
About you're head over heels in love, and about my beauty.
And I caught the phrase, just like that, on the fly.

Then you ran away, and I was left alone.

5sta Family - Crazy

All the roads to knots, all the knots for an axe.

That's OK, it's enough - knot to dust for a war
That I've catched on the fly - I'll bring under the porch
Not to give anyone - to bury in the corner
And to put the stone on the bosom.

Yanka Dyagileva - Coin on the road

She took the last train
Out of my heart

My lady's on the fly
And she's never coming back
My love is like a steam train

Cinderella - Heartbreak Station

You better slow down, don't dance so fast,
Time is short, the music won't last.

Do you run through each day on the fly,
when they ask "How are you?", do you hear the reply?

David L. Weatherford - Slow Dance

Luna-park is the miracle among wonders.
Luna-park – rising up to the skies
I want to catch a dream on the fly.

A river’s splashing behind a pink valley.

Origa - Luna-Park

Oh, can I, said with a sigh, call you my boyfriend

Man toy, lover boy, come over here and bring me joy
Better half, sweetie pie, lovin' on the fly guy
Ain't just a bootie call, I'm on the way
My pictures on the wall and I'm here to stay

Laura Bell Bundy - Boyfriend?

Attack and check, don’t lose control,
A line change on the fly.
The puck is zooming towards the goal
To score and break the tie.

Fixiki - Hockey’s our game

Fly in the darkness
And shimmer on the fly (x2)

Everything sparkles

Zhanna Friske - Fly in the darkness

Then I step on him and I raise the blind
Get out the way boys he's gonna unwind
He sure's a frog walker he heaves a big sigh
He only likes wings for to be on the fly
He turns his old belly right up to the sun
He sure is a sun fishin' son of a gun

Marty Robbins - The Strawberry Roan

She's gonna rock the dance floor out
(Diva baby)
No need to catch your on the eye on the fly you know why
(Catch your eye on the fly)
Cause you know what it's all about
(Diva baby)

Ashley Argota - Diva

[Verse 1: Florida Chanturia]
Waiter, I'm on the way to Nice
From Moscow, on the fly,
I saw your cultural capital
And thought I'd swing by.

Leningrad - Straight up Petersburg

There was a bartenderess who poured me her drinks, and asked, if we're going anywhere.
Had to skip over her, when that dancer dropped into my arms.
And it was hard to hold a poker face, when I could watch how she used her body.
And I switched into a sky girl on the fly. Had a mental image about the Mile High Club at the back of my mind.
Then there was a hostess who liked rappers. Nice to watch, she just talked too much.
I guess it went on to shouting and dissing me for not being responsible.

Tuomas Kauhanen - Why do women fall in love with yobs?

Wipers and curves to prick up
Roads that are forgotten

Slow down the mood on the fly
Without leaving time to think about it
I watch you that look at me, I do not know if to greet you

Subsonica - Roads

they're the best of each home.

My friends are criminals,
convicted for catching dreams on the fly,
who clap when the sun climbs to the sky
and open their hearts like flowers.

Joan Manuel Serrat - Bad companies

Go, go, go It's a way of life
Lucha en un ring ve
You must go on the fly
Honor familia y tradición
Let's do it, acción

Cartoon Songs - ¡Mucha Lucha! Opening theme

Slow down the race, on the fly, ripping phrases,
Were or not, you don't help right away,
And the night is longer, and have you dreamed like that ?
If a hundred times faster, poured into the pile, but not verry.

Listen the rain, listen the wind,

Kristian Kostov - Listen the rain

One has to avoid with women
the fatal passion.

Loving on the fly, to be inconstant
and to see the woman like a flower.
The sweet desire of the chast lover

Marujita Díaz - Prince Carnival

Who have walls
Yet to climb
You and I
On the fly
Just in time
But tonight

Anastasia (Musical) [OST] - My Petersburg

As for you, leave these words in their place,
As for me, I don't think they deserve us.

There was one, on the fly, whose fast life
Was swept up in whiskey, gone downhill,
But don't go and wear it with pride,

Arkadiy Severnyi - Silver Hair

Get out the way boys, he's gonna unwind

He sure is a frog-walker, he heaves a big sigh
He only lacks wings, for to be on the fly
He turns his old belly right up to the sun
He sure is a sun-fishin' son-of-a-gun

Ed McCurdy - The Strawberry Roan

All the roads to bundles – to ax all the bundles go.

Anyway it will go – dust the bundle up for grabs
Caught it first on the fly – I’ll hide under the steps.
I‘ll give it no one, I’ll earth it in a retreat,
I will harbour a grudge just at the top of it.

Yanka Dyagileva - There’s A Nickel On Road

Every spark a drifting ember of desire
To fall upon the earth and spark another fire

A homeward angel on the fly
A wave toward the clearing sky

Rush - Peaceable Kingdom