Fok jou (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Fudge you

Yo, all these Dutch people are so cold,
It's too cold in here
I look outside the window, see the rain and wish I was in Curaçao
Back to paradise, beautiful women and the sun
Away from this stinking air and all these butt-less women
Hey, you want to go back, because you apparently don't like my people,
but you are broke, so go on put some stuff1 in your ass
I shit on your race, so what are you going to do, asshole
all you Antileans are a just bunch of cotton pickers
Eyo, go on, talk about taking pills and smelly niggers
but our biggest consumers are you, Dutch faggots
So keep on joking about stuff in my arse,
But dancing on a party with a full nose 2,
that's what you do
So if your bike isn't locked, which is a sure thing in the city,
I bet on it that your bike will be swiped by a nigger,
When I see a group of niggers and I'm walking alone,
I make sure I don't come too close
Fudge you3, fudge you, fudge you, fudge the Netherlands and fudge Curaçao!
Now, look at us fighting, we look like kids,
the hate between the two of us, when will it go down?
Wish I was back in Curaçao, because everything is better there,
because there are too many smartasses in the Netherlands
it's way too cold here and I hate it man, all this rain,
Well when it's so dope over there, then you go nigger
'cause no one wants you here, you're just a drag,
and you dragged the delinquency from abroad into our country,
and when I walk past you, I smell that scent again,
you are just scum, so you're dirty and clearly leaches too
Back in Curaçao, you know what I see? All these macambas4 on my island,
enjoying their holidays, and when they're back they are all against us
they take advantage of our people, but I don't see the gratitude
You would see it, if you only knew that your biggest income is the Dutch tourist,
bitch, Antilleans are just a stupid race,
Along with the Moroccans, nothing but trouble!
You just scream
that we're all bad guys
and that the Netherlands will look better when we're all gone
but there's a reason why it's called the Dutch Antilles
Think about the consequences before you start a colony! 5
  • 1. bolletjes = litterally little balls...
  • 2. a nose full with cocaïne, I assume
  • 3. 'Fok jou' is the Dutch adapted word for 'fuck you', but it's not really the same thing, so I had to find an alternative
  • 4. The name Antilleans give Dutch people when they're acting Dutch (being arrogant, have a big mouth...)
  • 5. The Netherlands Antilles or Dutch Antilles were a group of islands (among which Curaçao), and were a a colony of the Netherlands. The Dutch Antilles were dissolved in 2010, this song was made in 2008
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The song is a dialogue between a Dutch person and an Antillean living in the Netherlands.

for more information about the Netherlands Antilles: en.wikipedia(dot)org/wiki/Netherlands_Antilles


Fok jou

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