Can I have a translation for the Turkish part here?

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Csatlakozott: 27.07.2010 01:50 please translate the Turkish part.


This video is removed, sorry Confused smile

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Csatlakozott: 27.01.2010

Dear Kazablue,if you give us another link of this video I will listen to the turkish part and translate it into english.You may also write here singer and song name.Then I can help you.

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Csatlakozott: 27.07.2010

HERE Regular smile

Csatlakozott: 04.05.2012
kazablue wrote:

HERE Regular smile

i would like to help you but i'm absolutely not gonna listen that song again.. ever Regular smile

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Csatlakozott: 27.01.2010

dear kazablue,
I listened to the song and I have translated the turkish part of the song.
here is my translation.I hope this makes you happy.

Just on love months of the year,
While I was enjoying in Istiklal* pubs every night
All my close friends were with me.
While empty glasses were filling up and brimming on my table
I saw her in front of me
Naughtily,I said "Hello"
She came and sat down suddenly and deliberately
I sighed and I said "oh my God !"
I've never seen a girl like that
Others may just love her
But I can die for the sake of her
I sighed and I said "ah this world.."
Tonight, are all places anxious for me?
If you look at my eyes,if you gonna believe( in me)
Order ( indent for) raki,raki,big size raki**

*İstiklal Avenue or Istiklal Street is one of the most famous avenues in Istanbul /Turkey, it is an elegant pedestrian street, approximately three kilometers long, which houses exquisite boutiques, music stores, bookstores, art galleries, cinemas, theaters,libraries, cafes, pubs,night clubs with live music, historical patisseries, chocolateries and restaurants

**Raki : A Turkish liqueur flavored with anise

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