Easy German - Dreams and Wishes

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Hey there German-Learners!

I made a video for you, so you can see and hear how people in Germany talk:

If you like the video, please help me get a scholarship:

Was sind eure Träume und Wünsche?

Viele Grüße aus Kiel,


A great video! I love it. Fantastic. I urge all to take a minute to vote for Manuel.

Csatlakozott: 07.04.2012

Thank you for the video! It's useful!

Moderator of the Oceanic Realms
Csatlakozott: 22.04.2011

Thanks for sharing! I had the opportunity to visit Kiel. Wonderful city! I hope you are able to acquire the funds needed to fuel your dreams.

Lg aus Amerika.

Csatlakozott: 27.07.2012

vedio is so cool ,thanks for your efforts

Csatlakozott: 01.10.2011

A very nice video!
Echt schön gemacht!

Kiel is the most beautiful city of germany! Regular smile (not, its hamburg but well.^^ I'm from kiel and so I have to say that.. :'D)

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Csatlakozott: 09.09.2012

I love this video. I love how German sounds and your voice is really nice. You sound like Florian Wille (he plays the drums) from the band Fertig, Los! when he talks in their video diaries. Regular smile

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Csatlakozott: 09.09.2012

I was going to vote but i missed it! Im sorry. Sad smile

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