Hashimoto Miyuki - Eternal recurrence [English]

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Csatlakozott: 21.01.2012
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He'ya guys! Mind helping me translating this?

( http://lyricstranslate.com/en/request/eternal-recurrence ) [edited]

I need it cause i plan making an AMV (anime music video) and now i only need the english lyrics in order to successfully add the sub of the song......

Please I need help, Thanks!

(So far I only got the Kanji and Romanji lyrics, i need the english =_=)


From the Original Video (the short Version) that is the translation,
i guess it can help you guys,

The Sky I Gazed into had a radiating shooting star
Trancending time, it carries my wishes
A distant memory on top of a small hill
The grand envisioned future that we had discussed
Even if our connected fingertips are separated
We had promised not to forget

One day, our tale will come true
A prism tying us together
As we're looking at the same sky wherever we are
My connection with you is eternal

------untranslated to this part till end--------------

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Csatlakozott: 19.05.2008

You should click on the button called [Request new translation] and then select English!

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Csatlakozott: 21.01.2012

Yay! sorry,,, i thought when i put request it is automatic...

Done, my bad.. =_=

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Csatlakozott: 19.05.2008

It's okay, I hope your request will get answered quickly! Wink smile

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