Hello everyone! :)

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Csatlakozott: 19.08.2012
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I'm here because I love languages and I love listen songs in any language, that's why I would like you help me for to get spanish or in english lyrics my favourites songs.My native idiom is spanish and I'm learning and improving my english. So I really hope to make friends here.

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Csatlakozott: 22.04.2011

Welcome to LT!

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Csatlakozott: 19.08.2012

thank you!

Carioca Math
Csatlakozott: 04.12.2011

LT is also such a good practice for the languages we already know or are still learning. Me, for instance, I've been studying German and it's been helpful to read translations as well as start translating stuff even with the help of a dictionary some times, since googletranslator cannot be trusted all the time.

Welcome, darling, where you from?

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Csatlakozott: 19.08.2012

I'm sure this page will help me so much as has helped to you Regular smile I'm from mexico!:)

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