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About 10 minutes ago, I was happily finishing the translation of a song I had started working on the day before.

It was on the only song of the Cracker band (Big Dipper), that I had just added one day ago. The translation had been initiated by the usual interface available after entering new song lyrics.
As I hit the submit button, I saw briefly a red message saying (approximately) "an illegal choice has been detected" and was sent back to the song picking page. All my editing was lost.

Maybe it was stupid of me to let a new translation page sit open for 24h or so, but still the interface could have memorized my translation and sent me back to the editing page.

Needless to say I'm not especially happy about that...

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Shit happens. Well, it still is shit... I'll tell the admins.
I don't know though why people don't make backups (like, using an Wordpad file for writing the translation there, or using the very fine addon Lazarus, I can only recommend it).


I was too careless and confident.
After 200+ translations I only had a single problem with the interface (which has been fixed since), which says something about its reliability, by the way.


The same bug

I try to add footnotes to this song.
and red line:
[This content has been modified by another user, changes cannot be saved.]

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