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Hello fellow madmen -and women (you'll understand why I call you that in about 5 seconds),

I've mentioned about this song in the "Wrong lyrics/video etc." thread. This is the song in question:

It has (sit down, if you value your tailbone at all) 30 translations!!! THIRTY translations (French -> English). Is this a problem? Yes. In Finnish, we have this word "runsaudenpula", which means there are so many things/options to choose from that you are actually left with very little to choose from because you can't decide which one pick. (End of Finnish Crash Course, hope you've enjoyed.)

So...Does anyone want to rate these translations?...No?
There are online tools for comparing the differences of the translations, like I'm willing to create an account there and comparing the differences and presenting you the results on that website, if possible. Or would this be against the website rules? It goes without saying I wouldn't save or take credit for anything.

What we should have:

1. Songs with less good ratings are moved to the end of the queue
2. Colour codes in the translation numbers (like in Word, if you highlight something). 5 stars = Yellow; 4 = Red/Crimson; 3 = Green; 2 = Blue; 1 = Gray

I hope this isn't much ado about nothing...

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<a href="/hu/translator/sciera" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1077079">Sciera</a>
Csatlakozott: 16.02.2011

30 translations into the same language is truly a lot.
And if they should be too close to each other that would actually be against our website rules. So you are free to compare the differences.

However, it is quite an exception so I don't think the rating visualizations you suggest are necessary. Thanks for any suggestions in any case, though.

<a href="/hu/translator/celalkabadayi" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1131914">celalkabadayi</a>
Csatlakozott: 28.10.2012

The dates should be controlled and the later ones which are the copies of ancient ones should be cancelled.

<a href="/hu/translator/mk87" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1349348">mk87</a>
Csatlakozott: 15.08.2017

But there are so many translations that are not even rated. So there is actually no point in arranging them based on their ratings.

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<a href="/hu/translator/ww-ww" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1294288">Ww Ww</a>
Csatlakozott: 03.06.2016

Three is a good number (?). Let the editors and moderators that know the language sift through them and pick three (?) as a group. Post the results in their forum by a given date and those will be the majority vote and decision. The rest return to the users in their PMs and are not to be reposted. There needs to be a uniform standard. Far too many songs have five or more versions. Sometimes all of them are less than noteworthy. Then there should be an option there for a solution to the realized issue based on proficiency and initiative.

There is an often unrealized problems. If you are learning a language and trying to compare the song in original form to it's translation it needs to be as close as possible to the actual lyrics. A person learning a language would have little, if any idea how to decide which is good or bad and would leave. 'Singables' need to be labeled in their title as such. They are very ambiguous at this time. We should strive to be 'user friendly'.

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<a href="/hu/translator/saintmark" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1276610">SaintMark</a>
Csatlakozott: 06.02.2016

that kinda confusing. probly the best ones or highest rated ones should show up in a different color, to save people the time to scan through all of them. I wonder how such a simple song can have so many english translations.

<a href="/hu/translator/celalkabadayi" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1131914">celalkabadayi</a>
Csatlakozott: 28.10.2012

This song is translated so wrongly by a guest, can anybody delete it?

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<a href="/hu/translator/siho92" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1367737">SiHo_92</a>
Csatlakozott: 09.01.2018
celalkabadayi escreveu:

This song is translated so wrongly by a guest, can anybody delete it?

You should post this here, so the editors can see it easily.

<a href="/hu/translator/michealt" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1222532">michealt</a>
Csatlakozott: 11.10.2014

I find the ratings on those 29 English translations quite confusing, with practically no correlation between number of stars and accuracy of translation, and very little correlation between clumsy English and lack of stars. I didn't read all the English translations, maybe if I had I would have seen some correlation, but I doubt it.
If the one line referred to in the comment two before this one the line I think it is, then (a) I agree with that comment and (b) I found it quite amusing that a 3 star translation had it right and the two 5 star English translations both got it wrong.

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<a href="/hu/translator/uncommon" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1414669">Schnurrbrat</a>
Csatlakozott: 07.03.2019
michealt wrote:

I ...I found it quite amusing that a 3 star translation had it right and the two 5 star English translations both got it wrong.

That's precisely why I would like to see everyone casting multiple votes daily, and that is why I've opened this thread long ago. If we would have at least a hundred votes between those thirty translations, they could be sorted easily. But again, voting system is idling at best, and is kept under imho, ridiculous rules in order to favor the correct literal translations of the lyrics, with very low threshold for 5-star rating and with no initiative whatsoever to do rhyming & metered translations preserving spirit of the original lyrics.

<a href="/hu/translator/pinhas-zelenogorsky" class="userpopupinfo username" rel="user1410652">Pinchus Zelenogorsky</a>
Csatlakozott: 28.01.2019

My physics teacher said: the truth is not determined by voting. Thank you for promoting k-pop. (reply to #1)

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