Some strange problems - dates and lyrics

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Csatlakozott: 11.10.2014
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Csatlakozott: 11.10.2014

The other day I looked at "Un canto a Galicia" to see if I could point someone at a decent Spanish (Castellano) translation of the Galician lyrics. The good news was that yes, I could refer them to Arena's translation.

But that immediately displayed a problem: according to the dates on the page, Arena submitted that translation about 21 months before the song had been added to LT. The Galician lyrics were (if one believes LT) submitted to the site at 20:31 on 24/10/2014. That is 21 months after Arena sumbitted his Castellano translation, and 12 days after I submitted my English translation. I suppose it's natural that a moderator could manage a much longer time-travel feat than a meer editor like me (or actually a mere novice as I was back in 2014), but the discrepancy certainly suggests that something is broken in the system as probably time travel is forbidden. Anyway, even without LT's dating I can clearly remember that I deliberately chose three songs in what were my weakest languages (Gaeilge and Galician) and one in one of my native languages (Gàidhlig) to translate all four to my other native language (English) in my first two days as a LT member (well, one doesn't want to remain a novice for too long).

Of course "Un canto a Galicia" has a somewhat disturbing history on LT. A few years back it (and all its translations) were unpublished because a moderator thought that it was merely part of a Spanish (Castellano) song with the same name , and didn't notice that the words of the Galician song didn't occur in the Spanish version. That was actually quick to fix - making it clear that the original lyrics have been discarded brings the majority of moderators onto one's side. I'm fairly sure that the text and the content and the dates were pretty much OK when the unmerge was done. But since then there's been another problem which I noticed only yesterday: the words in the lyrics are now wrong - they are NOT what Iglesias sings in the two videos provided. They are full of lines with "eses" where it makes no sense, and Iglesias actually sings "esos" on all those lines (and do did José, my Galician friend who made himself a famous singer in Lanzarote before his mother became ill and he had to return to Galicia to look after her; and I heard Juan Pardo sing it once, and think he too sang "esos" despite his somewhat Eastern Spain origin).

It would be nice to fix all those "eses" and make them "esos".

It might be useful to find out how the dating has become so wrong and fix it so that it can't happen again.

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Csatlakozott: 27.05.2008

This dates discrepancy could result from a merge of two songs, if a newer version got unpublished.

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