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Csatlakozott: 28.09.2011

When opening a new song to translate, the source text appears in a very small font making it quite hard to read. Another weird thing on that page, is that the translated text box is a small scrolling box, when the source box is fixed bigger one. This make it annoying to scroll up and down the page itself in order to read the lower parts of the source box while writing down the translation.

If any or both these issues could be addressed, it would make translating way more comfortable.


Csatlakozott: 27.05.2008

TrampGuy, thanks for suggestions! This form is being upgraded, and we'll take them into account.

Moderator of the North
Csatlakozott: 28.09.2011

Thanks for fixing it, looks much better. The new interface looks nicer as well.
Since you're renovating the site, I'd like to offer one more idea - if it could be possible to have an option to change the background color, it seems a bit bright for me.

Anyway, great job!

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