Freezing cold

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Idiomatic translations of "Freezing cold"

Un temps de chien
French (Picard)
In n'incach-rot nin un kien à l'cour
קור כלבים
Un tempo da lupi
Hace un tiempo de perros (espagnol)

Meanings of "Freezing cold"


Literally, cold dogs

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Dondurañ soğuk.

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"Freezing cold" in lyrics

Brianna - Lost in Istanbul

The wind like an arrow
It will lead me to you
Freezing cold I follow
The wind like an arrow

Aleyna Tilki - A lonely flower

You used to grow under totally different conditions,
A freezing cold and you are too prideful to fell in love
I will get to burn for you without even asking why

Yves Montand - Saint-Vincent Street

She already worked to live
and on frosted nights
in the dark and freezing cold
her little scarf on her shoulders

Grigoris Bithikotsis - Where are the Years

when you had flowers in your heart
where is the love, my sweet love
to keep us warm in the freezing cold

Dimítris Mitropános - Woe betide

Desolation has covered me
A sorrow and a freezing cold
Why should you leave out of my life all of the sudden?

Moshe Peretz - When You Left

When you left, everything turned gray
May the morning come and pour some light
Over my city, me and my coat are freezing cold
And this routine is just so heavy

How To Train Your Dragon 2 (OST) - For the Dancing and the Dreaming

If you will marry me

No scorching sun nor freezing cold will...
Will stop me on my journey

Giacomo Leopardi - Night song af a wandering shepherd in Asia

On sharp rocks, in deep sand, and broken ground.
Towards wind and storms, and when the sun's
High, when it's freezing cold,
Running, panting,

Loco Locass - The Goal

Here in Quebec it's not just cold, it's freezing cold
It's like that 'cause that's the way it is, and that's perfectly fine
We've got plenty of space
And our encounters take place on the ice

Barış Manço - Blind Love

I dont know how to tell, I'm full of the joys of the spring
As if I'm not that crazy, cheerful person I used to be anymore
It's freezing cold, outside, it snows hard, but I'm burning inside
I could even swim in the minus 40 degrees water, believe me

Kadife - Blind Love

I'm silent, recently, overwhelmed and breathless
I have such a trouble in my mind, don't ask what it is
I've been in freezing cold winters and burned in glowing fires
I have such a trouble in my mind, don't ask what it is

Christina Stürmer - Mama Ana Ahabak

Are those shooting stars overhead?
What is it that flew over?
Why am I so freezing cold?

Lale Andersen - Lili Marleen

Just you, Lili Marleen

When I am marching in the freezing cold
Fighting as I’m ordered, and trying to be bold

Soccer Mommy - Your Dog

That you drag around
A collar on my neck tied to a pole
Leave me in the freezing cold

LEA - Quieter

You don't listen to me
If I say things, which you don't like
It's mid-July, but I feel freezing cold

Ligabue - You've always been there

but you've always been there

and even when it was freezing cold
and the moon had already changed

Notis Sfakianakis - If I lose you

If something happens and the ropes that hold us together
Get cut from an unknown blade
I will wander in the freezing cold, like a mad man
Like an immigrant that misses his country

Elena Paparizou - Papeles Mojados

Good people stories
The risk their own lifes, tired,
Starving and in a freezing cold.

Sokratis Malamas - Fairy

I flare up in the snow,
I emit fire in the freezing cold
It's springtime in my heart,

Wise Guys - Deutsche Bahn

We have a theory but currently lack any proof:
In winter it gets cold and in summer it gets hot
You can look forward to freezing cold and sweltering heat with us
Ssenk ju for trewweling wiss Deutsche Bahn!