Günebakan (Angol translation)

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Sunflowers (Sunflower)
Once upon a time ,my friends,
We used to build house at trees.
In a sweet dream
we were looking at the ground and sky.
Our hearts were like birds, friends,
We opened wings to the world.
we weren't imprisoned to time,
We was living life freely.
We were children, we were bright stars back then.
The moon was enchanted, phosphorescence, sea,
then it is the last time we run.
From that time to now ,friends,
what we want?what we miss?
We are like rivers looking for the sea.
Let the windows stay open, let the rain falls at night.
May our sunflower dreams increase with the sound of rain ...
Kűldve: Tyler Durden34Tyler Durden34 Szombat, 23/05/2020 - 16:10
Szerző észrevételei:

Sunflower in turkish may refer to different words : "Günebakan" or "Ayçiçeği".

"Günebakan" is more older or contryside local word.
Ayçiçeği is more common.

So don't get confused :))



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