Gahvare (Angol translation)

Angol translation


I miss crying
Where is my cradle, mother?
The cradle that I do not remember
that real safety that it brought
from the stories of a prince
who had always fallen in love
with a poor girl
That city that was as big as me
but it was bigger than this world
There was no fear of shadows
and the winds were not dreadful
Neither me nor a pigeon was lost
Don't tell me that I have grown up
It is bitter
Don't tell me that crying does not suit me
Come and take, then caress me
I want your arms to embrace me
to hug me without any trouble
In this toxicated bed of autumn
that all the green breaths are cut off
No one knows how hard it is to stay
like a leaf on a dried and gaunt branch
Look that the blossoms of my devotions
the flowers that are blossomed from my attachtments
How easy dies in the wind's mind
where is that enlighted miraculous hand
Tell it to come and take mine
Where is Mary, the savior , the holy Mary
Why she does not remember this broken body
In the storm of fearfulness and loneliness
for this vulnerable castaway
why her green skirt is not my umbrella
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