Quim Barreiros - A Garagem da Vizinha (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The neighbor garage

In the streets that i live, i met a neighbor
Apart from her husband living alone
Besides being beautiful it`s a well of kindness
Seeing my car on the rain, she offered me her garage
She said: no one uses after he left me!
Inside my garage the spiderwebs gathered!
Put your car inside her, otherwise it will rust!
The garage is used, but you car is going to like!
Put the car, take off the car, the time i want
What a tight garage, what sweet woman
Take it early, put in on late, and sometimes at afternoon
Im also changing the oil from the garage of the neighbor!
But my mighty car, have a handsome gig
Whi i use to sell coconuts and earn a little bit
The garage is tight, what do i do now?
My car stays inside, the coconuts outside!
But my neighbor is good, the garage i will take care
By the door some weed has grow, i gotta cut it off
The kindness of the neighbor, its something from another world
When i dont use the front one, i take the back garage!
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An overly sexual song.


A Garagem da Vizinha

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