Francesco De Gregori - Generale (Angol translation)

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General, beyond this hill
Lies the murderer, German night
And in the meadow, there's a peasant
Bent on the sunset, looking just like a child
Who's fifty years old, with five sons
Born like rabbits
Gone away into the world, as soldiers
And not yet returned back home
General, behind the station
You can see the train that used to lead us towards the sun
It doesn't stop anymore, not even to let us pee
We go straight home without even thinking
That the war is beautiful, even if it hurts
That we will sing again
That we will make love again, with the nurses
General, the war is over
The enemy withdrew, he's defeated
There's no one behind the hill now
Only pine needles, silence and mushrooms
Good to eat, good to dry
Good to prepare the sauce at Christmas
When the children cry
And they don't want to go to sleep
General, these five stars
These five tears on my skin
What's their point in the noise of this train
Half empty and half full
And runs fast towards the return
In two minutes it will be day,
We're almost home, it's almost love.
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