Kent - Glasäpplen (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Glass apples

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Think about all you taught me
I was the echo in your shoulder
You played “Tail lights fade”
For old time’s sake
I practice every sentence
In front of the mirror, every word
We went from dust to dust
We traveled land to land
I never thought longer than a moment at a time
And just now
I want to see my future, I want to see all that will come
Through the fogs here
I can’t even see my nervous thin hand that seeks yours
You give me no promises
And you set no requirements
Because you know exactly
What I get through
You see me as an equal
I behave like a child
An angel’s patience
A devil’s stubbornness
You always thought longer than the moment when it happens
And just now
We can see our future, a hi-tech work
Through the fogs here
Your warm worn hand it’s closed carefully around mine
And takes me with
You will leave me alone here
You will leave me again
You must rely on me now
It’s not just the fear
That’s tied me to you
You must rely on me
Remember that you taught me everything, be proud of your work
And play a song for us
For old time’s sake
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