Gol-e Aftab Gardoon (Angol translation)

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Like a sun flower, I am scared of rain.
Oh God, in this moonlight, do not take away Leila form Majnoon*.
Oh Oh Oh Hoo Hoo Hoo
Moon shines again tonight
And I have missed my beloved one,
I am heavy-hearted and impatient.
Moon sees that from far away, a love is sleepless.
My darling, tomorrow is too late.
Come tonight and remember me,
Imprison me every night and liberate me by the dawn.
My darling,
The heart of a lover is full of pain and aches from loneliness.
and it's wandering like a cloud
and a night drifter meteorite.
My eyes are full of tears.
In my hands, the sunflowers will soon wilt and dry up.
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Leila and majnoon are counterparts to juliet and romeo, in persian culture.


Gol-e Aftab Gardoon

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SaintMark    Vasárnap, 02/12/2018 - 09:34

this translation doesn't keep the meter and also looks a bit short compared to the original persian.