Həsrət Nəğməsi (Angol translation)

Angol translation

The Song of The Nostalgia

Darling, I love and I don't hide it
I'm going, but I don't go for good
Ask me to come, I'll come without thinking
Your ghost appears in front of my eyes again
The seperation makes trouble for you and me
Ask me to die, I'll die without thinking
Don't cry, don't cry, the strangers may be happy because of that
My mom may hear it and she may be sad for that
Don't cry for the sake of this nostalgia
If the clouds are full, then it will rain
The ground will be fed up with your teardrops
If we can't come across each other
Let our lives have flowers just like they had in the past
Let's make each other happy, darling
Love is ours, love is ours, the mountains are ours, the sea is ours
The whole world is ours, darling
There's such a rule since the ancient times, darling
The lover lives with the love of his lover
And I live only for you
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Həsrət Nəğməsi

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