At hand

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Idiomatic translations of "At hand"

close at hand
Avoir à portée de main
Na dohvat ruke
A portata di mano
al alcance de la mano
Angol #1, #2, #3, Arab, Spanyol #1, #2, Szerb

Meanings of "At hand"


Close by:
- Readily accessible when needed.
- Close in time; about to happen.
(ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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близко, рядом, под рукой

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"At hand" in lyrics

Carla Bruni - Someone Told Me

I'm told that destiny mocks us well and good
That it gives us nothing and yet promises all
It looks as though happiness is at hand
So we reach out and find ourselves going mad

Juluka - War

Scouts Rode Out To Spy The Land
Even As The Realm's Soldiers Lay Resting
Mageba's Forces Were At Hand
And By The Evening The Vultures Were Wheeling

French Children Songs - Ah! The Crocodiles

An elephant appeared and on the earth
He prepared for this huge fight
But close at hand, there flowed a river
The crocodile suddenly jumped in it

Friedrich Schiller - Song of the Bell

THE MASTER can break up the framing
With wisen'd hand, at rightful hour,
But woe, whene'er in brooks a-flaming

Carla Bruni - Someone told me

I am told that the fate of us could not care less
It gives us nothing and promises everything that we
Seems that happiness is at hand
Then one reaches out and ends up crazy

Tangled: The Series (OST) - Ready As I'll Ever Be

Now the line's in the sand
And our moment's at hand
And I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready

Los Moles - The legionnaire and the Moorish woman

you who cover your body so much
you smoke hashish and cannabis non stop
smoking night and day with the hookah pipe at hand
with my little Moor next to me, woman from the land of the Moors

Fauve ≠ - The Higher Lights

I've embroidered shining memories on the night's coat
that I was provided by brothers tailors, drapers, silk weavers
I have my hawsers at hand
I'm ready

PNL - Chang

Chang, tackle on the beat, I've got a hard on, I'm pleased, hatred, pain inhabits me
Chang, I eradicate all weaknesses, If I get lost in the jungle, I've got Allah to guide me
Chang, I'm Mowgli, I can handle things, I've got this hunger that tells me: "Ounga ounga, climb the steps like a tiger"
Chang, Chang, Chang

Eisbrecher - Full Steam Ahead

In the last light

There's a picture of you in my hand
Ignite the fire deep inside of me

Hua Chenyu - Nunchucks

Next to the smoked filled barbeque restaurant was a Martial Arts Studio
Teacher teaching practices Iron Palm and Yang’s style spears
Best at hand to hand combat and even knows impenetrable kungfu

Dansifelagið í Havn - The Long Serpent

87. Then Eirik took the Long Serpent,
knowing how to do nothing else;
he took it himself, rudder in hand,
and steered the Serpent out of the strait.

One OK Rock - My Own Rock

Like being told “no, no” over and over
Has no connection to the question at hand
Now, collect and store the important things on your own

Olamide - Science Student

They’ve mixed chemical, the folks dubbed Science Students

There’s no certainty in this matter at hand, I swear!
We’ll apply Massive Action on whatever you see on ground, you’ll play it like Ayo game

Patty Gurdy - Run

A dark year before dawn,
when no one is at hand.
Before the time is gone,

Milva - Along the road

I sense close by
I sense in our hands
I see in the eyes of my companions

Giacomo Puccini - Tosca (libretto)

Up, Mario. Quickly. Come, come. Quickly.
she bends down to help Mario to his feet. She raises the cloak and suddenly gasps with terror and astonishment as she looks at her hands.
Mario! Mario!

Hatari - No Mercy

Doomsday is at hand (No mercy)
(No mercy)
Doomsday is at hand (No mercy)
(No mercy)

Michael Jackson - Thriller

(I'm gonna thrill ya tonight)
Darkness falls across the land
The midnight hour is close at hand
Creatures crawl in search of blood

Oxxxymiron - Tentacles

There's a huddle near supermarket counters, bars are crowded
Even though this year is not at hand[fn]Literally "on the nose", which is a Russian idiom meaning "very soon". It's usually used for different events including New Year's Eve.[/fn] like a wart
Mice burrow under the floor