הפרח בגני (Haperach Begani) (Angol translation)

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My garden flower

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Since that bright and clear spring day I do remember
And have already known that I would not give up
Because to me you were the pupil of my eye every night and day
You were to me an angel of God showing out of the mist.
I wished to ask your hand I wanted to say
My love is discret, guarded deep in my heart
I wisbed to say I love my love, and done!
But I didn't dare even when it was already too late.
You are my world at dawn, my whole day
My world at night and my dream
You are in my blood, spirit and heart
The sweet fragrance, my flower garden.
Since you went away my day is gloomy, long and boring
In vain do I want to forget and ignore
Come back quickly because in your absence my world is desolate
My vocal cords have been silenced and my violin has stopped.
You are my world at dawn ...
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הפרח בגני (Haperach Begani)

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