In a heartbeat

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In a heartbeat (Angol) — A heartbeat is short and fast. In a heartbeat just means very fast or in a very short time.

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Translations of "In a heartbeat "

AngolIn the twinkling of an eye
AngolAt a glance
AngolIn the blink of an eye
Angolin two shakes of a lamb's tail
Angolnothing flat
AngolIn a New York minute
AngolIn a Split Second
Angol #1, #2
AngolIn a trice
AngolIn a jiffy
AngolIn an instant
Arabفي غمضة عين
AzerbajdzsánQaşla göz arasında
DánPå et øjeblik
Franciaen un clin d'œil
Franciaen un rien de temps
Görögσε κλάσματα δευτερολέπτου
GörögΕν ριπή οφθαλμού
Görögστη στιγμή
HollandIn één (of twee) tellen
KazahКөз ашып жұмғанша
Kurdish (Kurmanji)لە چاو تروكانێك دا
Kurdish (Kurmanji)لەماوەى یەك چركەدا
LengyelW oka mgnieniu
Macedónдодека да трепнеш
MagyarEgy szempillantás alatt
Németim Nu
NémetKnall auf Fall
Németim Bruchteil einer Sekunde
Németim Handumdrehen
OlaszIn un attimo
OlaszIn un istante
OlaszA colpo d'occhio
OlaszIn un batter d'occhio
OroszВ мгновение ока
Perzsaدر یك چشم بهم زدن
PortugálNum piscar de olhos.
Románcât ai clipi
Románîntr-o fracţiune de secundă
SpanyolEn cero coma
SpanyolEn un santiamén
SpanyolEn un instante
SpanyolEn un abrir y cerrar de ojos
SpanyolEn un decir amén
SpanyolEn dos patadas
SzerbZa tren oka
SzerbУ тили час
SzlovákV bžiku/ mihnutím oka
SzlovákV bžiku
Törökgöz açıp kapayıncaya kadar
TörökKaşla göz arasında
UkránЯк оком змигнути

"In a heartbeat " in lyrics

[Pitbull: INTRO]
Red One Mr. Worldwide
Ahmed Chawki

[Chorus :]
My love, I love you,

Ahmed Chawki - My Love, I Love You

[Pitbull - Intro]
RedOne, Mr.Worldwide
Ahmed Chawki

Habibi, I love you

Ahmed Chawki - Habibi, I love you

If you need me in a heartbeat, just say so
You can count on me, count on me
I will come in a heartbeat 'cause you know
You will always be, always be number one

Violetta (OST) - Friends Till The End

So fine we get closer under them trees,
Baby girl, you really got to me
It’s 3 o’clock, and were together and the time doesn’t leave
In a heartbeat girl, sex on the beach,
Don’t stand your world, ask me I'm rich,
Loving you girl, is the best part of me

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise

It's 3 o'clock and we're together
And the time doesn't leave
In a heartbeat girl, sex on the beach
Don't stand your world, ask me I'm rich
Loving you girl, is the best part of me

Simple Plan - Summer Paradise (French Version)

RedOne, Mr.Worldwide
Ahmed Chawki

Habibi, I love you
I need you, Habibi

Ahmed Chawki - Habibi I Love You (Greek Version)

This year June has come again without you
As the day you said goodbye to me
It passed without you, my hands empty
Though my heart was with you

It was to quiet, I had to know

Teoman - June

RedOne, Mr.Worldwide
Ahmed Chawki

My love, I love you
I need you, my love

Ahmed Chawki - Habibi I Love You (Greek Version)

How many angels danci in a heartbeat..?
How many angels smile with one kiss from you..?
You took my sadness away in one night
Maybe you are,and you're hiding it, an angel too..

I hope it would never end

Antonis Remos - Οι Άγγελοι

Late night sex, smokin’ cigarettes
I try real hard but I can’t forget
Now in a heartbeat, I would do it all again

Now I see that you and me were never meant

The Pretty Reckless - Nothing Left To Lose

you found that hidden wound
(that ) nobody couldn't heal

In a heartbeat you take all that I am
I'm lost and I don't want to scape from you

Erick Rubin - Every Kiss

My promise was so strong
You were always my princess
Even if you now say no
And my innocence is so fragile
That my heart has no more strength
Life goes around, Life goes in circles

Luis Fonsi - Tears from the Sea

My heart is moving
its (slowly)taking my blood and salt away.

A thousand and more nights
will never equal that second, where are you
a thousand of lights above the blue

Gianna Nannini - attimo

If you look now up high to the skies above
Among the clouds, you will see a whole world of heroes
The lightning man, that takes charge\control on the weather
"spid" that flies high up to the sun, and a woman with a great voice

I need a hero,

Shiri Maimon - I Need A Hero

Your love opened a wound
Because everything that's good for you
Also damages you
Your love changed my life, in a heartbeat
Forever, for what has been, and for what will be

Fito Páez - Tombs of Glory

Sowing the rose of obsidian
My dear I promise
Death comes to all
In a heartbeat only silence
Let's play with the fire that runs in our veins
Trust in the might of a miracle

Kamelot - Veil of Elysium

I hate you, when you don't see me
when you consume me, when I don't believe you
I hate you when in a heartbeat you take your distance
and I find myself alone
I hate you, without reticence, without resistence

Syria - Hate song

Born to the glare of the senses
Spoon-fed reality infused
A new inherent -
passive contentment
you are so easily amused

Anathema - Leave No Trace

I remember when you told me
That I got you in a heartbeat, baby
And you couldn´t be without me
Even if we, didn´t go steady

Agnes Carlsson - Forever Yours

A pulse that grows
As we draw near
And everything. in a heartbeat

Innocent blue

Trident - Innocent Blue

Flat tire on the side of the road
You're late for work, you forgot your phone
Seems like everything's going wrong
Try your best to keep things cool
With everything going wrong that's hard to do
The list goes on and on and on

Chester See - Living The Good Life


[Kenza Farah]
Kenza Farah

Ahmed Chawki - Habibi I Love You (French Version)

I know you way before I know you existed
Sirens across the room
I can feel your energy I don't wanna miss it
Taking over all of me.

Follow it signals

Magnificence - Heartbeat (Nicky Romero Edit)

Pitbull :

Ahmed Chawki

Ahmed Chawki - Habibi I Love You (Spanish Version)

Coming soon
something good
Something we can share
Could be better news
we can share

Pet Shop Boys - More than a dream

I could corrupt you
In a heartbeat
You think you're so special
Think you're so sweet
What are you trying don't even tempt me
Soon you'll be crying, unwishing you dreamt of be

Depeche Mode - Corrupt

I lost my heart on love’s waters
they were warm as summer gold
when the sunlight gave way to the moonlight
I was swimmin’ so naked and cold

They say still waters run deep

Chris Norman - Shallow Waters

No, no, no
Don’t believe her
Don’t throw into the wind
In a heartbeat
Our love novel

Mina - Don't Believe Her

"Father, father, leave your threats,
Don't scold your Tamara;
I am crying, and the tears you see
Are not the first ones.
In vain does a crowd of suitors

Mikhail Lermontov - The Demon. Part II

Retinas are burnt already
In the swirls of the vortex, still alive
The center of the core, something's dribbling out
You can't take this, you'll disappear in a heartbeat
Ahead is an eternity for us to be consumed by the time
You did everything wrong back then, in the end you gotta admit

Ruger Hauer - Ukraine

Craaaave, yeah
Come on, hah
Move like that
Look at here, can you move like that?
Huh, move like that

Pharrell Williams - Crave

I can't ignore the voices in my head
The things we never said hunting me down
I fell like I've found myself in pieces on the floor
More broken than before I let you down...

You can lose someone in a heartbeat

Deana Carter - In A Heartbeat

I’m the rock the spot you get support from
I mostly cope with hopes that’s been rode on
And when you’re low you know that you can hold on me
In a heartbeat I can be there,
The fears and tears you cry, I’m by your side so dry your eyes
And let me provide, peace of mind in time I know you’ll be fine

The Sound of Reason - Shoulder to lean on

Eye to eye across the room
Hands reach out to touch
Face to face how could we know
Hearts could hold so much
I can see your love showin'
I know where this is goin'

Sylvie Vartan - Heard it in a Heartbeat

[Verse 1]
It's 2am, I can't believe you're gone
Isn't it strange how
One life ends, but the clocks upon the wall
They keep ticking on and on and on
What were your last words

Tori Kelly - Blink of an Eye (Original)

If I am to die, I will die fighting
To see my people grow here
And I will lose in a heartbeat<fn>Literally in a sigh</fn>
What I spent my whole life building

If I am to live, I will not beg

Mägo de Oz - Heads Will Roll

[Verse 1]
Let it slide
All the choices I made
Let it burn
As it rolls down my face
Let it fall

James Blunt - Heartbeat

Every woman has something she wants to keep secret
She thinks about marriage, but she doesn't wear it on her sleeve
Men are from Mars, and women are from Venus
That's why everyone misses the whole point
If you want to,
come along; I'll show you how we're different

Leah (South Africa) - With Your Clothes On

You said enough
It's dead enough
In a heartbeat it's over again
The twilight is pending
The end is descending

Tristania - Diagnosis

Hang around baby baby, hang around baby baby,
Hang around baby, we'll be baking a cake for you."

I used to live in a heartbeat city,
I swear I'd fall in love every minute on the street.
You might be walking around the corner

Yacht - Psychic City

Don't wait 'cuz you'll just waste your time.
You never listen to anything I have to say.
'Cuz now I'm believing the things that I'm lying about tonight babe.
'Cuz in a heartbeat we change so fast
And now the stars are aligning and the moon is setting
And I will be the best damn constellation that is in your sky tonight.

A Rocket to The Moon - Cops And Robbers

You got holes in your jeans
And few in your heart
You don’t know what it means to me,
To watch you fall apart.
'Cause you're broken and bruised,
But I can hold you through.

Before You Exit - Soldier

Thirty seven thousand feet, broken in a heartbeat

To the sea, the singing sands
Broken in a heartbeat, broken in a heartbeat

Ladytron - Altitude Blues

If this is just another awkward conversation that we have
Let’s leave it till morning
I want to go home, or stay out
Or go dance, just not this
You seem to change your mind in a heartbeat
But still you try to keep your arm somewhere around me

Bright Light Bright Light - Disco Moment

Ooh, ooh

Everyone needs somebody
Everyone needs a friend
Needs a friend
Life gettin' you down

Jake Isaac - I Got You

There, where the way back home for me,
There, where my family is waiting for me,
There, where the mountains and fields with no end,
There will remain my land.
There, where the mountains and fields with no end,
There begins my land.

Okean Elzy - The Land

Whatever you do your heart goes right through
And that’s why I love you

In a heartbeat I could tell we were neither here nor there
It was complicated but I wanted in

Ira Losco - That's Why I Love You

The lines are clear with tomorrow standing against me
And I am silent as I face my fears alone
Responsibility weighing down upon my shoulders
When all that I needed in a heartbeat is taken from me

The truth is unclear if you close your eyes too tightly

The Crüxshadows - Avalanche

Your image flashes right in front of me
You have turned out to be just an illusion
Never shall I be able to see that silhouette again
Losing all my patience
The hope of seeing you leads to an obstacle
Somehow I must find you again

Dimash Kudaibergen - Sweet illusion

It's 3 o'clock and we're together
And the time doesn't leave
In a heartbeat girl, sex on the beach
Don't stand your world, ask me I'm rich
Loving you girl, is the best part of me

Simple Plan - Le Paradis d'Été

He offered her his shallow world, that no one has entered before
but she thought too little of it since hers was glowing.
He gave her all the unknown stars and the whole sky
but she threw it all away in a heartbeat as if they meant nothing.

He carved her forbidden name across his chest

Maria Chatziilia - Εasy to fall in love with

I remember when you told me
That I got you in a heartbeat baby
And you couldn't be without me
Even if we, didn't go steady

No Angels - Forever Yours

If I`d break the spell
I`d run to him in a heartbeat
But somehow I feel like he`s on his way to me
Derek, you and me are one

The Swan Princess (OST) - More than a lifetime

Yeah uh yeah hmm
Ooh ah ooh ah
Ooh ah ooh ah
Ooh ah ooh ah
Check this uh

EXO - Falling For You

The Sun came up and victory is won,
I sit by the well
with Brynhildur and wait for what comes.
Battled with three*,
because I am quite a remarkable man,
I am very happy.

Skálmöld - Váli

On a holiday
Far away
Let's go today
In a heartbeat!


Weezer - Holiday