Hearts (Angol translation)



うまくいかない できの悪いステップのよう
どうかしている 自分でもそう思う
夜明けから逃げ 待ち続けている
知っていたはずなのに できない事がある
あんなに上手く飛べたのに 今は座ったまま
取り戻せる 僕らのペースを
君のハートに向かう ためのチケットを
目の前で破られ できの悪いプロットのよう
どうにかしなきゃ 君もそう言うだろう
捨て身で飛び降りる 雪の降る街へ
わかっていたはずなのに 言えない事がある
あんなに綺麗に包んでも 今は湿気った箱
取り戻せる 僕らのペースを
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Angol translation


I'm walking to go meet your heart
But it's not going so well, like badly taken steps
Something's wrong with me, even I think so
I'm still waiting to run away at dawn
I should've known, that there's things we can't do
Even though I flew so well, now I'm seated
Before we're unable to even breathe, come on, stand up
We can get it back, our own pace.
A ticket meant to go meet your heart
Was destroyed right in front of my eyes, like a badly written plot
But we have to do something, even you'd say so
At the risk of our lives we'll jump down, into the snowing city
I should've understood, that there are things we can't say
But even if I pack them away so neatly, the box is now damp
Before we're unable to even breathe, let's chat about something
We can get it back, our own pace...
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