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The Thrall and the Master dalszöveg

  • Előadó: Helheim
  • Album: The Journeys and the Experiences of Death (2006)
Angol, Norvég
Angol, Norvég

The Thrall and the Master

Divide the riches in numbers three
One to the brothers of allegiance
Two to serve the funeral feast
Three to the journey to the other world
Embrace this sacrifice
She will serve you well
Sleep in the fire
To enter a higher self
Ta imot mitt offer
Hun vil tjene deg vel
Son I ilden
For å oppnå et hoyere jeg
Feast upon the last days
Earthly values will fade away
You'll leave this world
Caress the flames of oak
Dog's cut in half, sacrifice ritual
Among draught beasts, cows, cocks and hen
The thrall is passed among men
Pain is futile, all for the love of the dead
Kűldve: LithiumLithium Péntek, 07/01/2022 - 23:51


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