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Today I have time to spare

Today I have time to spare
No reason to hurry
I have time to spare
I'm not scheming today
Today I'm gonna lay low
So nobody
Can reach me1
Let it all be
Just every now and then I breathe in
You could almost think
That life was easy
Today I'm borrowing a boat
Go far out but not up
Don't cross "Go", lay down
Remove battery and SIM card
No phone's asking for a PIN
Don't want to change anything in my life today
A day made for strolling
No deadline in my calendar
Ignore the daily grind and all duties
My only tasks today are
Surviving and breathing, nothing else
What a strange land
Not creating, just being
Hand in hand with oneself
A feeling rushes from my head to my guts
Little is everything I need today
Now that some kind of deafness takes over from loudness
I know that it's true
That when spacetime curves
It feels like flying
Time is relative, and deeply relaxed, I see what lies ahead for me
See your crystalline body dripping with beauty
Hear it say that we've never been expelled from paradise
We just forgot how to see it
Or covered it with concrete to walk all over
But I can see it again
For now I realize that stress
Is just the result of someone who's egging you on
And someone who's having it
But today Earth is turning
At 100 frames per second
  • 1. Refers to the German classic "Kein Schwein ruft mich an" ("nobody's calling me", lit. "no pig's calling me").
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Heut hab ich Zeit

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