Hintaló (Angol translation)

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Rocking Horse

The rocking horse is rocking under me,
A slingshot, a glass ball in my pocket,
I draw castles out of sand,
I protect it from every evil!
Sword in my hand, sword,
Fire in my heart, fire,
Man, trust and fight!
The wind can blow me, wind,
Why would I care, I,
Who's lousy worth nothing!
I got to a bad school,
Cheat sheets lurked in my pocket,
I belived that everything is beautiful and good,
But life is a rougher teacher than this!
I work, I respect the law,
But I have a knuckle slipped in my pocket,
Although you have to look at the good side of things,
You better prepare for bad faces!
I got old in fairness,
But the slingshot and knuckle are still in my pocket,
Beneath me, the rocking chair is rocking,
And if I could start it all over, I would live the same way
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