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Man Sweet Man (Home Sweet Home)

I put your portrait back up
On the wall
At the entrance, only you
That I can see pictured
I will make you some dishes
I'm a good cook
I won't do more than that
From your body, so necessary,
To my heart
My man sweet man
We should make
love and clear the dust
So that you dive in
My man sweet man
Leave it to me to make
Love and clear the dust,
Run the sponge
Over your desire to touch
The anonymous hearts
Of puffed up dollies
Who are all show
Let's forget about our exes
The mess under the rug
leaves behind a taste of latex
That hits us like desire
I hope it leaves us.
My man sweet man
We should make
love and clear the dust
A big clean-up
My man sweet man
Right side up, upside down
I am good at everything
Wise as a lamb
My man sweet man
We should make
love and clear the dust
My man sweet man
In this case
I am good at everything
I just recently found
By the telephone
Someone's name
It must be a mistake
Did this lover's note
come from the bottom of your pocket?
But who's on the other end of the line?
A girl.
I hang up.
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There are a lot of puns in this which make it difficult to translate, the biggest and most important being the title, which literally means "man sweet man" but is of course playing on the English expression "home sweet home".

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Homme Sweet Homme

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