swan song

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Meanings of "swan song"


Last performance or stint of someone.

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Huling pagtanghal o partisipasyon

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Проявление чего-то необычного, яркого в последний раз; последнее высшее достижение, последнее проявление таланта, способностей; лебединая песня.

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Oprostajna pesma ili poslednji cin

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1. bir sanatçının son eseri
2. bir şeyi son kez yapmak

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"swan song" in lyrics

Electroforez - The Russian Princess

So, leave it, listen, we're captains on land
This is sad for us and her
And I will try to sing a swan song with my heart
And a strong storm will begin

Raubtier - Twilight of the Gods

I want to feel the feeling of going under
To hear the swan song of the world
To watch the world getting crushed by lightning and thunder

Dua Lipa - Swan Song

Hold on tonight
This is not a, this is not a
Swan song, swan song,
Swan dive.

Tool - Descending

Sound the reveille to be or not to be.
Rise. Stay the grand finale.
Stay the reading our swan song and epilogue.
One drive; To stay alive.

Hollywood Undead - Riot

I'm so damn tight, they should call me the Scheister
Hitting bud and Budweiser, shit, I couldn't get higher
You done turned me into the "Swan Song" Charlie
Peeling out on a Harley at a high school party

Haloo Helsinki! - It's windy in the moon

sing from a soul to a soul.
Tip your toes in a cold water,
jump with all you got into a swan song.
Because you and me,

Yö - Swan Song

I see your veil of sorrow, five years ago you let it breathe
The swan song made you cry back then, it made you cry

Nekfeu - Starring role

My vision expends, I enter a wide angle
Voice-over: "I need to set things straight, I'm no psychic but if I kick the bucket tomorrow
I don't want the impact of the bullet to be my swan song"

Raubtier - Burn-marked

that's how it works here.

So has begun, your swan song,
for the sheep love annihilation.

Wir sind Helden - Time for Heroes

People's parties middle lane separation in case of emergency blow-dried hair only
Stock market flotation swan song hanged and imprisoned as a fellow all are afraid
Dotcom dying nothing to inherit though earn one's living dream in broken pieces –

Yö - The Swan Song

I see your mourning veil, you used it five years ago
The Swan Song made you cry back then, made you cry

Georges Brassens - The blazon

Which everyone who has seen it says is amazing.

It would have been my final song, my swan song,
My last love letter, my farewell message.

Hollywood Undead - Rivolta

Sono così fatto, dovrebbero chiamarmi lo Scheister
Facendomi di erba e bevendo Budweiser, cazzo, non posso essere più fatto
Abbiamo finito con il rendermi il Charlie del "Swan Song"
Sgommo su una Harley ad una festa del liceo

Horror Vacui - Swan Song

The most beautiful things are those that we have never known,
But more beautiful still are those that we loved.
The swan song of a generation that never dared,
It's the things that were never known.

Childish Gambino - V. 3005

We in here, like Rogain
Or leave it, like Cobain
And when I'm long gone, whole crew sing a swan song
Cause we all just ticking time bombs, got a lambo like Lebron's mom

ASP - Through Hardships to Hardships

Not only ideals weigh heavier over the years
I resist the swan song
Not only are the said ways rough, especially the shell

Haloo Helsinki! - There's wind in the Moon

sing from a soul to a soul
Dip your toes in cold water
Jump with all your might into the Swan Song
Because you and I

RWBY (OST) - All things must die

When you're finally gone
At your conclusion
Sing your swan song!

Can - Sing Swan Song

As the day is long
She can have she, like her birthday, sooth
To sing swan song

Barry Moore - The Tide

crimson, the tide is bringing back the dead
your swan song fell flat, you never knew about it
so what’s the next stop down this road?