Wife material

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Meanings of "Wife material"


Someone who has all the qualities a husband would ask for.

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A woman who is loyal and faithful to a man. Who can be a partner in all the chores and responsibilities of life. One who can raise children and make a family. One who is a good mate and a lifelong best friend. Not a woman who only feels good for a while.

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Utilisé pour décrire une personne, généralement une femme, pour dire que celle-ci ferait une bonne épouse.

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Seorang isteri yang mempunyai kualiti dan kehendak seorang suami tersendiri.

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evlenilecek kadın

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"Wife material" in lyrics

Mabel - Crying On The Dance Floor

No teardrops on the dancefloor, not tonight
Yeah, you're way too beautiful, yeah
Wife material, I'm for real
Diamonds don't compare to how you shine

Angie (Greece) - I'm afraid

I'll go crazy, I'll go crazy

I even had a sister, she was wife material
But she ended up immoral

Rayvanny - Mama la Mama

Mama, mama, mama
La mama eeh

Ne-Yo - the way she move

That she doesn’t even know it

The more I drink the more you look like wife material
If you …around with me girl, here we go

Vild $mith - Gør Det Godt

Ingen gør det ligeså godt, nah
Så fuck om de vil fuck mig
For damn girl du er wife material
Og din body den er banging som en criminal

Vild $mith - Do It Well

No one does it as well, nah
So fuck if they want to fuck me
Cause, damn, you are wife material
And your body it's banging like a criminal

Roope Salminen & Koirat - After The Last Call

Why are you in such a hurry
Signal to the ceiling, the delay is long
There's gonna be illegal bills from this, you're so wife material

The Saturdays - Not That Kinda Girl

You think I'm pretty
Such a pity, don't know what you've got
And wife material is something that I'm really not
Don't even think about,

MC Duke - I'm Riffin'

[Intro: Jesse Jackson]
All of us one are people
Singing our music
Popping our finger

Nadia Mukami - Wangu

Kwangu habanduki kwako hatoboki nakwama naye

Anapenda wife material
Mwenzako anakudanganya

Aslay - Wife

Wife wee, wife material
Kipenda roho
Chekecha, weka kwa chujio
Maneno yao


Say, don’t you think this girl looks cute?
I’m serious, she’s super popular!
She can cook, too, that’s wife material right there! Also, she’s my dearest friend!
Come again?

Yuna (Malaysia) - Lanes

A wife material, then appreciate it
If you got a good girl then appreciate it
A wife material, then appreciate it

Brädi - Swim

Sweet to bounce off the pier with a massive cannon ball
Could a day start better than with a swim?
You're made of wife material
The water supports us, like we're weightless