Il mondo gira (Angol translation)

Angol translation (poetic)

The World Turns

The world turns, time flies,
everyone goes to work, you remain alone.
You remain alone, day and night, waiting
for prince charmings who have no desire to come.
You haven't understood that, among the people,
there is no longer any room for those who do nothing.
Even love is no longer the same as yesteryear:
no longer are there either ladies or knights in the world.
I know you don't know what to do now—
they taught you to wait—
to wait for someone to solve everything—
and tell you that the world is beautiful even when it's ugly.
They made you believe things that are false—
pathetic fairy tales have grown old.
Today life is no longer that of yesteryear—
the world of your desires is already ancient.
Now wake up, you must change—
there are a thousand ways if you are interested.
First of all, you must come down from the clouds—
close your eyes and then take a leap of faith.
You will find yourself among so many people who do not see you,
who look at nothing.
And surrounded by everyone, you will understand that your tomorrow
is something that is only in you, only in your hands.
In your hands!
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Il mondo gira

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