Film - Ivana (Angol translation)

Angol translation


Ivana, why did you lie
About your unlucky age
Ivana, why did you lie
In your eyes I can see
A tender roe which is afraid
To fulfill her dreams
And to pay
A round-trip ticket for freedom tonight
Ivana, I'm not made from stone
I'm touching you with my lips
Ivana has leaned on
My shoulder instead of pillow
Chorus 2x
People say that we're crazy, it doesn't matter
We walk through city, love walks between us
Ivana, this is beautiful
Too beautiful to last long
Ivana, you couldn't take
The condemnation of their fake smiles
Chorus 2x
Ivana, miracles are possible
Love used to walk through our steps
It used to walk, it doesn't walk anymore
I only remember your name
Chorus 2x
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