自由の翼 (Jiyuu no Tsubasa) (Angol translation)


Wohlan Freund!
Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg
Dies ist der erste Gloria
O, mein Freund!
Feiern wir diesen Sieg
Für den nächsten Kampf!
"Muimi na shi de atta" to
Saigo no hitori ni
Naru made
Der Feind ist grausam
Wir bringen
Der Feind ist riesig
Wir springen
Ryoute ni wa Gloria
Utau no wa Sieg
Senaka ni wa die Flügel der Freiheit
(Der Feind ist grausam)
Nigirishimeta ketsui wo hidarimune ni
Kirisaku no wa Ringel de Torheit
(Der Feind ist riesig)
Soukyuu wo mau-
Flügel der Freiheit
(Piano solo)
Tori wa tobu tame ni
Sono kara wo yabutte kita
Buzama ni chi wo hau
Tame ja nai daro?
Omae no tsubasa wa
Nanno tame ni aru
Kago no naka no sora wa
Semasugiru daro?
Die Freiheit
Und der Tod
Die beiden sind Zwillinge
Die Freiheit oder der Tod?
Unser Freund ist ein!
(Verse 2)
Nanno tame ni
Umarete kita no ka nante
Koto wa wakaranai kedo
Tatoe sore ga
Ayamachi datta to shite mo
Nanno tame ni
Ikiteiru ka wa wakaru
Sore wa
Rikutsu ja nai
Sonzai yue no "Jiyuu"!
(Guitar solo)
Die Flügel der Freiheit
Kakusareta shinjitsu wa
Shougeki no koushi da
Tozasareta sono Yami to
Hikari ni hisomu Titanen
Kuzuresaru kotei kannen
Mayoi wo dakinagara
Soredemo nao "Jiyuu" e susume
(Linker Weg?
Rechter Weg?
Na, ein Weg welcher ist?)
Der Freund?
Der Feind?
Mensch, Sie welche sind?
Ryoute ni wa instrument
Utau no wa Licht
Senaka ni wa Horizont de Freiheit
(Der Feind ist grausam)
Sekai wo tsunagu kusari wo
Ono ono mune ni
Kanaderu no wa Hinterfront der Möglichkeit
(Der Feind ist riesig)
Soukyuu wo mae-
Flügel der Freiheit
O, mein Freund!
Jetzt hier ist ein Sieg
Dies ist der erste Gloria
O, mein Freund!
Feiern wir diesen Sieg, für den nächsten Kampf!
Der Feind ist riesig… Wir springen…
Der Feind ist grausam…
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Wings Of Freedom

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Well friend!
Here's to your victory
This is the first glory
O my friend!
Let's celebrate this victory
For the next fight
"they died in vain"
I won't let anybody say it
not until I become the last lone arrow
on the battlefield
The enemy is gruesome
We'll bring it on
The enemy is gigantic
We'll spring high
We gripped two steel blades of glory
Sing the song of victory
and have the wings of freedom on our backs
(The enemy is gruesome)
With our determination held close to our hearts
We sever this ring of folly
(The enemy is gigantic)
Dances into the sky -
Wings of freedom
Didn't the birds break out
of their shell in order to fly
and not to climb on the ground
For what reason
do you posses those wings?
Isn't the sky like a birdcage
too tiny?
and death
They both are twins
Freedom or death?
Our friend is one of them!
For what reason
that we are born?
I don't know the answers
to complicated questions
Even if our birth
had been a mistake
For what reason
that we are alive
To live
our existence
and live the "freedom"!
The wings of freedom
The hidden truth
will be charging arrow
It will pierce through
outer layer of lurking of titans
as well as inner layer of darkness
With our previous belief of broken even though we feel lost
let's march towards "freedom"
(To the left?
To the right?
Which is the correct way?)
People, which one are you?
We grab the instrument of fighting spirit
Sing our song of light of hope
And have the horizon of freedom on our backs
(The enemy is gruesome)
With the chains connecting
this world in our chest
We sing a song of what might lurk behind all possibilities
(The enemy is gigantic)
Dances into the sky -
Wings of freedom
O my friend!
Let's celebrate this victory
This is the next glory
O my friend!
Let's celebrate this victory, for the next fight!
The enemy is gigantic... we'll spring...
The enemy is gruesome...
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MasterfoxMasterfox    Péntek, 06/04/2018 - 16:20

A few issues with the English translation. Since the solos have no translation, the entire text is shifted even when "Align Paragraphs" is on. 

Also, there are some places where the translation of the German parts is not quite fitting(Paragraph counted in original text):

  1. Third paragraph:

    1. Wir Bringen: This could be misheard, I think it might say Wir ringenWe wrestle/fight. Is there any official source for the text?
    2. Wir Springen: This should just be We leap so the height is implicit rathere than adding explicicity not in the original.
  2. Eight paragraph:
    1. Unser Freund ist ein. This refers to "both of them" being a friend, so Our friend is one. is enough.
  3. Fourteenth paragraph:
    1. Mensch, welche sie sind? This is  wrong as a German sentence, but what it probably meant was Menschen, welches sind sie?, literally Humans, which one are they?
  4. Fiftenth paragraph:
    1. Utau no wa Licht​​​​​​​ How did Light of Hope end up here?
  5. Seventeenth paragraph:
    1. This is inconsistent with the first paragraph and should be copied from there(as is the original).
  6. Eighteenth paragraph:
    1. While high is no longer present, we spring seems a little to forced. To designate it must be a high jump, I would use We leap again.

Please note, I have no clue how good the translation is for the Japanese part, just some details I noticed in the German parts.

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