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Sometimes Aditi (Aditi is a name)

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Sometimes, Aditi, this life seems like a dream.
Sometimes, Aditi, if someone leaves you, it feels like a dream.
In these circumstances, how can someone stop their tears?
And how can someone think "everything will be okay"?
Sometimes it seems life has no happiness and no fun
Sometimes it seems every day is a problem and every moment is a punishment
In these circumstances, how can someone smile and laugh with joy?
And how can someone think "everything's gonna be okay"?
Think, my beloved, about how much I want you.
I also cry if I see there are tears in your eyes.
I don't know how to sing, but I sing anyway.
Sometimes, Aditi, the world seems like a dark place.
But after nighttime, there is always morning.
Sometimes, Aditi, in life we find someone we can call our own.
Sometimes, Aditi, when someone leaves we feel like it's a dream.
Hey Aditi, please laugh, laugh a little.
If not laughing, then at least give a little smile.
When you're happy it feels like the whole world has been cast with happiness.
The sun comes out of hiding and gives life to everyone.
Listen to what the wind is saying.
Aditi those who leave will come back one day or another.
Aditi, whether you know it or not, flowers do bloom again.
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*Aditi is the name of the girl in the movie.


Kabhi Kabhi Aditi

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