Avven - Kanaan (Angol translation)



Obljubljena je dežela,
tisoč je gora in jezera
polna vode in lobanje
kažejo izraz davnih kraljev.
Na kolena vsi brez izjeme!
Še odmeva krik bolečine
kot da ni dovolj muk trpljenja
žile se odpro: krvavenja.
Vem da je Canaan vedno bil in bo z rodom tu ostal.
Tudi ti si ga doživel in mu delež sebe dal.
Kűldve: Ilidian Szombat, 24/12/2011 - 12:49
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Angol translation


This is the promised land,
there are thousands of mountains
and the lakes
are filled with water and the skulls
show the brows of old kings.
On your knees, all of you, no exceptions!
The scream of pain still echoes
as if there's not enough pain and suffering,
the veins open up: bleeding.
I know that Canaan always was and will stay here with the generation.
You experienced it as well and gave it a part of yourself.
Kűldve: Ilidian Szombat, 24/12/2011 - 12:59
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