Kenga e Kongreseve (Angol translation)


Kenga e Kongreseve

1. 8 Nendor-o dyzet e tete-e
hapi Partia te parin Kongres-e
Denoi tradhti, shpartalloi fraksione
çau perpara ne revolucione.
2. Ne Kongresin e dyte o me plot fitore
Nisen plane mor, madheshtore
Ndertuamm vendin e forcuam shtetin
Çelnikosem o unitetin.
3. Ne Kongres te Trete o lart prej tribunes
Ushtoi fjala e Partise se Punes
“Kolektive te behet bujqesia
Prin o perpara, mor Industria”.
4. Ne Kongres te Katert sa mire u rrite
Dhe me lart mor, Shqiperia u ngjit-e
C’e godite o moj Parti-e
Krushovizmin brij me brij-e
5. Plot fitore dhe prape ne feste
Lart flamujt e Kongresit te Peste
“Male, kodra mor dhe bregore
Porsi fusha me i ba pjellore.”
6. Ne Kongres te Gjashte Shqiperia nuse
Ma e bukur, o ma e kuqe
Drite e kenge, o mor drite e veper
Hapi i ri mor asht kilometer
7. N’Kongres te Shtate mor, u deklarue
Buka ne vend mor, u sigurue
Llave e kuqe po rrjedh çeliku
Le ti plasin o syte armiku
Thike me thike o me hasem te ri
Tri-botisteve mor brinj-e m’brinj-e
8. Nji Nendor mor, ne vjeshten e trete
Do te filloj more, Kongres i Tete.
Nga fitorja mor, ne fitore
Me Marksistet ne nje llogore
Dyzet vera me ty Parti-e
Besa bese o me ty gjithnji-e
Flet-o Enveri ushton jehona
Mbeshtet-o krejtesisht, o ne forcat tona.
9. Nga Kongresi o ne Kongres
Prin-o Partia mor sokoleshe
Enver Hoxha o trim mbi trim-e
Mbledh Kongreset o mban fjalime
Fjala e tij o me mijera here
Do te ushtoje mor, ne Kongrese te tjere
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Song of Congresses

1. 8th of November, forty-eighth1
the Party held its first Congress
It condemned treason, shattered factions
Forging forward in the revolutions.
2. At the second Congress, plenty of victories,
Magnificent plans got initiated.
We built the country, strengthened the state
And we steeled the unity.
3. In Third Congress, up from the tribune
The word of Labor Party resounded
“Let agriculture become collective
With the Industry leading the way”
4. At Fourth Congress pretty grown up
Even higher Albania went up
Striking heavy blow, my Party
left and right against the Khrushchevism.
5. Lots of victories celebrating again
High are flying Fifth Congress flags
“Mountains, mounds and the hills
Are to become fertile like valleys.”
6. In the Sixth Congress, handsome Albania
Even more beautiful, blazing red
With lights and songs, lights and deeds2
Our step now walks a kilometer
7. At the Seventh Congress, it was declared
On our own the bread was secured.
The red lava of molten steel
It is a blast for the enemy
Cross swords with a new foe
Resolutely striking the Three-world-ists3
8. First of November, third fall month
the Eighth Congress will start up.
From victory to victory
Same trench with all Marxists
Forty summers with the Party
Bound for life in tight oath
Enver speaks, his word echoes
“Full reliance on our own efforts.”
9. From a Congress to a Congress
The falcon Party leads the way
Enver Hoxha the bravest of braves
Calls Congresses and holds speeches
His word will, thousands of times,
resound in future Congresses
  • 1. yr. 1948
  • 2. electrification of the country was completed
  • 3. Maoists of the theory of Three worlds
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