Reinhard Mey - Kleiner Kamerad (Angol translation)

Angol translation

Little comrade

For you everything is wholesome
And big and good and kept away from error
No wrong success ever took away your braveness
And for you there are still miracles, at all times and of all types
How much I like to see you believe in your miracles
How much you cling to them unerringly
No doubt can ever rob your optimism
And I almost start believing with you again myself
Like colourful lampions on autumn ways
You're swinging through my mind
Happily and worryless and it's due to you
If for once I'm again happy and worryless, too
The smallest nothing makes you passionate
On the other and world moving things leave you cold
No quarrel may ever put you down
And your tears dry soon over the biggest sorrow
You don't forget anything and you can forget so easily
Waht ever puts you down is simply inexistent
I'm learning to measure anew with your arm's length
And to understand many things around together with you
Like kites that highly go up over the stubble field
You're dancing through my mind
Without gravity, free and with the dance
All my sadness is flying along
I like them a lot, your uncountable questions
Your curiosity and worrylessness
How much I like you saying "Come and help me"
Sometimes I wish I could hold on to this time
The world will probably get a little emptier
With every way you're going on your own
My mind will probably get a little heavier
With everything you can do by yourself and understand without me
My little comrade, that's the way it is
There is no extra portion for us
Best friends are seperated by this life
And one day it makes adults out of little boys
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Kleiner Kamerad

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