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Crime work

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This is the fighting crew
2012. crime work
Crime work, crime work
Crime work, crime work
Cri-cri-cri-crime work
Fighting rims, bro
fighting machine,
under the seat is Heckler,
and the amount is in the trunk
crime work, here comes the fighting crew,
our convoy outside the club is long,
it's all jeep next to jeep
Champagne is poured,
we're making cruel money,
in every club,
the main separe is waiting for us,
street crime manners,
armors on our chest,
window is closen only
that the tube can peek
changers are full,
it's all doom-doom bullets,
there's no act when bodies
rot in the river, in the end.
In the pocket there is foreign money,
and conscience doesn't bite anyone
DNA analysis doesn't help also,
real crime clients,
in the lounge of hotels,
in the company of super models,
and hot race gazelles,
I know you love crime work,
You love when I'm a crime bastard
crime beautiful, crime young,
Belgrade is my crime city
Crime work, when someone tries to hurt me
Crime work, you would kill because of me,
Crime work, everything for the perfect woman,
Crime work, crime work
Crime bottom, crime rap,
crime style, crime beat
And where are you now ?
I have one really
awesome crime hit
and where are you now ?
Mega chick, mega star,
mega level
and all of you are mega, mega sorry
and I don't give a fuck about anything
write that, write that
Here comes Techa Kampino
and right away capuccino
lion hear, balls of Al Paccino
crime work, crime, work
I'm fresh blood in rap
i've got ace in the handsleeve
and joker in the pocket
I'm that crime guy,
I have that crime attitude,
you're that wild cat,
I'm that crime lion
This year is our
we have so much planned
like Bonnie and Clyde
whole world is in our hands,
breakfast in Rome,
then lucnh in Paris
when you're flying with first class
everything is close
San Trope, Continental, GT
when a rapper is fucking you
diamonds are flying
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Krimi rad

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