Kvraagetaan (Angol translation)

Angol translation

I request*

Can I come in, can I come in to start a song
About the all the things I remember
from the good old days
of maths and diligence
A life without any worries, ambition or regret
Playing soccer all day long
Be home before dawn
nothing but horsing around
And school, we'd forget about that
Three times dare would mean do1
To tease a girl is to ask for love
You are the things you say
With your pants half way 2
It was all so simple
So simple
As simple as 'Will you be my girlfriend?'3
Will you be my girlfriend?
There were no cellphones, no commercial TV
No one that wanted to be Hannibal or Murdock
Ron's Honeymoon quiz4, Carolientje, Merlina met de Parafix5
And nothing more than that
We weren't allowed to do anything but did everything
Urbanus 6 was a hero
father still had some hair left and we would count all our money for the fair
Show off in bumper cars
Outrun7 in stead of our Commodore8
There were no CDs, no mp3s
Just some cassette tapes
And 'Buurman wat doet u nu?'9
For our first boobs
It was all so simple
So simple
As simple as 'Will you be my girlfriend?'
'Will you be my girlfriend?'
Third couplet, pot of grease
I had my first swimming certificate of 100m
Eurovision song contest, heey, staying up late
The reflex fl-fl-fl-ex10 on our tennis rackets
Oh boy, we saw the big picture
We were al going to be professional soccer players or pilots
And hating wasn't the common thing to do
Or maybe it was for the spare ribs on our plate
Bataclavas, soft shorts, pork chop
these patches they wanted to sew onto our shorts
Does the dog bite, when I stroke it?11
I quit, what's my debt?
So simple
As simple as 'Will you be my girlfriend'
  • 1. the game 'truth or dare' is in Dutch called 'doen, durven of waarheid' (do, dare or truth). 'dare' means you can refuse a challenge, if you choose it three times, you have to take a 'do'-challenge, which you can't refuse.
  • 2. English equivalent: I’m rubber and you’re glue: whatever you say bounces off of me and sticks to you!
  • 3. 'Ik vraag het san', means 'I request it' in proper Dutch, in Belgian Dutch children also use it in the sense of 'to ask for a relationship';
    'Ik vraag het aan' could also mean 'I ask (someone)'
  • 4. Dutch TV quiz with freshly married couples who could win a honeymoon
  • 5. Flemish TV series for kids
  • 6. Belgian stand-up comedian
  • 7. old video game
  • 8. very old computer
  • 9. 'Neighbour, what are you doing now?' Belgian comic TV series
  • 10. refers to the song by Duran Duran
  • 11. typical Antwerp phrase
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