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The Top of The Sky

Give me a caress, give me your heart
Give me an intense kiss, in the bedroom
Give me a look, give me an obsession
Give me the confidence of this new love
Give me bit by bit your serenity
Give me with a scream, happiness
Taking you to the top of the sky
Where there is total silence
Where the wind brushes past your face
And I brush past your body at the end
And take you to the top of the sky
Where the story has no end
Where desire is sublime
And glory can be reached
Give me a new time, give me darkness
Give me your poem that is not finished
Give me day by day, give me your warmth
Give me a kiss now in this alley
Give me a smile, give me seriousness
Give me if possible, the possibility
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La Cima Del Cielo

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Please correct the language of your translation

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