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La dagen vare evig (Angol translation)

  • Előadó: Rotlaus
  • Dal: La dagen vare evig Album: La dagen vare evig
Angol translationAngol

Let The Day Last For Ever

Wanna feel I'm alive
Wanna feel I am free
Want you here for ever
Today and for eternity
Are you with me tonight?
Are you with me here and now?
Let tomorrow come
Let time stand still
There's much I wanna say
And so much I wanna do
If you give me one day
If you'd stay
You showed me a world
I never could reach
Thought that I would
Now I know that I must
I'll let the day last for ever
I'll let the night be long
I wanna hold you as if it was the very last time
There are days I wanna forget
Days I want
You were the one who made life great
I see myself in your eyes
All that you gave and all that you said
You are not like the rest
You are so much more
I knew there was something
Now I know you are the one
I would travel far
To see you again
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La dagen vare evig

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