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Idioms in
when pigs fly Angol10426
I don't give a shit/damn/fuck/crap/toss/dime/pennyAngol13028
(To) handle with kid (or kit) glovesAngol25
The grass is always greener on the other sideAngol4618
It's no use crying over spilt milk.Angol8622
pass awayAngol14018
(from) head to toeAngol5723
One man's meat is another man's poison Angol147
(come) rain or shineAngol306
It's not all sunshine and rosesAngol183
what's poppinAngol263
What goes around, comes aroundAngol14720
plot twistAngol34
Break a legAngol3424
bite the dustAngol14016
Blood is thicker than waterAngol3212
On top of the WorldAngol485
like father, like sonAngol8011
out of the blueAngol3811
Easy peasy (lemon squeezy)Angol892
Heart of stoneAngol3114
out of sight, out of mindAngol4510
It's a small worldAngol263
Heart of goldAngol325
as easy as pieAngol898
Dive in head firstAngol101
Better bend than breakAngol134
The world is your oyster.Angol94
Raise no more devils than you can lay downAngol461
piece of cakeAngol8917
Your slip is showingAngol-4
One man's trash is another man's treasureAngol142
cross the lineAngol217
Ixnay on the upidstayAngol-1
In the blink of an eyeAngol766
I have a nknack for (something)Angol32
Fair winds and following seasAngol111
come what mayAngol136
When in Rome do as the RomansAngol642
A sound mind in a healthy body.Angol291
(Don't) put the cart before the horseAngol692
Beat (or ride) like a rented muleAngol-1
safe and soundAngol2311
Give me a breakAngol29
ASAP, STAT, or PDQAngol-2
be poor as a church ratAngol292
All in allAngol131
walk on byAngol383
seize the dayAngol322
over the moonAngol483
on cloud nineAngol4812
Spit it outAngol125
The early bird catches the worm.Angol343
Don’t bite off more than you can chewAngol308
cleanliness is next to godlinessAngol44
Learn to walk before you can run.Angol305
Time heals all wounds.Angol232
The Apple does not fall far from the treeAngol804
(go) BananasAngol3215
go all the wayAngol501
From the bottom of my heartAngol135
Every cloud has a silver lining Angol6213
cross my heartAngol328
that will be the dayAngol1043
give up the ghostAngol1404
Time is goldAngol284
Done is doneAngol862
Better HalfAngol147
simple as ABCAngol893
Ignorance is blissAngol176
on a cold day on hellAngol1042
In a heartbeat Angol761
All's well that ends wellAngol314
better to ask the way than go astrayAngol51
Save the dayAngol32
to stand tallAngol234
kick the bucketAngol14010
Better late than neverAngol278
once in a blue moonAngol1311
Birds of a feather flock togetherAngol685
I have no clueAngol255
An hour in the morning is worth two in the eveningAngol282
Snitches get stitchesAngol-2
clean up the messAngol43
keep up withAngol97
raining cats and dogsAngol6518
on the jobAngol50-
(the crack of) sparrow's fartAngol102
speech is silver, silence is goldenAngol184
A killjoyAngol233
In a jiffyAngol761
walk in the parkAngol891
A whistling woman and a crowing hen are neither fit for God or menAngol231
In a Split Second Angol762
the night is still youngAngol118
In an instant Angol762
cheeky bastardAngol22
The die is castAngol402
the pot calling the kettle blackAngol758
hankie pankieAngol501