Legati la ochi (Angol translation)


Legati la ochi

Bani sunt motivatia pentru cele mai multe din crime
Si cele mai multe din filme
Iti modifica subconstientul la cea mai mare adancime
Ca toate motivatiile noastre sunt ascunse in profunzime
Si ele stimuleaza p'aia care te face sa crezi in cruzime
Suntem legati la maini cu lanturi batute-n diamante
Extrase de aceleasi minoritati care traiesc in state
Gata sa ucida si copii dar ca sa poa' sa le poarte
Si bani lor alimenteaza comportamente aberante fata de propriul lor frate
E o drama biblica cu o cadenta ciclica
Lumea asta s-ar putea sa nu fie chiar atat de fizica
Si daca e o idee atunci e una magnifica
Si fiecare gand bun atunci doar o amplifica
Spunemi ce crezi ca stii despre ce-i dincolo de persoana ta
Si cate perechi de incaltari ai tocit in speranta ca poate ajungi undeva
Si de fiecare data cand credeai ca ai ajuns drumul se infunda
Cand esti legat la ochi trebuie sa pipai cu inima
Doamne tre sa vorbim n-am mai vorbit de mult
Cui altcuiva i-as putea cere sa-mi dezlege aceste mistere
In epoca vitezei inconjurati doar de lucruri efemere
Stiu tata doar cuvintele tale sunt eterne
Deaia sap subterane, construiesc scari
Ridic munti, arunc poduri apoi ma afund in mari
Ratacesc pe tot felu de carari uitate
Te caut ma indrept spre castele pe piscuri inalte
Inghetate prin deserturi uscate
Miraje frumoase dar totusi miraje toate's trucate
Dau perdeaua la o parte vreau sa vad ce e in spate
In public se aud doar murmur si soapte
Cica's prea multe pacate sa poa' sa fie iertate
Da eu stiu ca trebuie sa fie de sapte ori cate sapte, sapte
Si chiar mai multe pana ajungi sa intelegi inima propriului tau frate
Taci din gura, ascult-o cum bate
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Money is the motivation behind most crimes and movies
Altering your subconscious to its lowest depth
Because all our motivations are hidden in profoundness
And it stimulates those that make you believe in cruelty
Our hands are tied with chains forged from diamonds
Extracted by the same minorities that live in the country
Ready to kill even children just to be able to wear them
And their money feeds psychotic behavior towards their own brother
It's a biblical drama with a cyclic frequence
This world might not really be that physical
And if it is a thought, then it's a magnificent one
And then every good will just amplifies it
Tell me what you think you know about what's beyond your own self
And how many pairs of shoes did you wear out in the hope that you would get somewhere
And everytime you thought you arrived there, the road was blocked
When your eyes are blindfolded, you should sense with your heart
Lord we need to talk it's been a while since we did
Who else could I ask to solve these mysteries
In this age of speed surrounded only by ephemeral things
I know Father, only your words are eternal
That's why I dig tunnels, I build stairs
I lift mountains, lay bridges and then sink in the sea
I wander along all kinds of forgotten paths
I search for you, heading towards castles in high peaks
Frozen through dry deserts
Beautiful mirages but still, they are all illusions
I pull aside the curtain, I want to see what's behind it
In public only humming and whispers can be heard
They say there's too many sins to be forgiven
But I know they must be seven times seven, seven
And even more until you get to understand your own brother's heart
Shut up and listen how it beats
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