The light of day

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  • Idiom: The light of day
  • Nyelv: Angol
  • Idiomatic translations / equivalents: Olasz
  • Explained meaning: Angol
  • Lyrics containing the idiom: 404 lyrics

Idiomatic translations of "The light of day"

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Meanings of "The light of day"


Literally: daylight.
Figuratively: general public attention.
(ref. Oxford Dictionary)

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Explained by IceyIcey

"The light of day" in lyrics

Spanish Folk - Riu Riu Chiu

The fall of all mankind
This Child
Is the light of day
He is the Lamb

Arcángel - Kills Me

That always breaks them down
God forgive me, Atheist to the condones
I go inside and until the light of day there aren't pensions
They are only my sons and they are bastards

Andrea Bocelli - Amapola

I love you, my beloved girl
Like the flower loves the light of day

Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán - The Dawns

Already dawn is arriving
Now it has given us the light of day.
Get up this morning

Selena - It's Always Cold

This heart, that still loves you
Is now dying, day after day,
Like the light of day dies
I can't go on anymore, I miss you

Frozen (OST) - Let It Go

Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand in the light of day
Let the storm rage on,

Adele - Million Years Ago

Like a joke or a memory
But they don't recognize me now
In the light of day

Francis Cabrel - The bull fighting

At the end of that corridor;
Someone touched the lock
And I dived into the light of day
I saw the brass bands, the fences

Oonagh - Gaia

Morning radiance covered with dew,
The light of day hidden in the leaves.
She lives in us, in fields and forests

LP - Dreamer

Before the nightmare comes to play
Holds me in the light of day
I just need you here, please, stay

Bruno Ferrara - My love

Tell me, tell me, what are you?
My love, love
You are the light of day
My love, in every your breath

Sinan Sakić - If I was born again

My first step I'd give to you
if there wasn't you I wouldn't see the light of day
The first words, the first songs

Hildegard von Bingen (1098 - 1179) - O St. Eucharius

3a. And in your breast
burst forth the light of day
the gleam in which three tents

Ece Seçkin - Adeyyo

But I hope it destroys you

I'd say you won't see the light of day
Nursing the snake in your bosom

Christian Hymns & Songs - Here I am, Send Me

Unto Thee, willingly, yielded I come.
Show the path that I must walk, compel me then to go,
And if I stray, bring back the light of day,
For here am I, send me, I pray.

Mr. Kitty - 44 days

44 days I have been held here
I will never see the light of day
Please save me from reckless, violent hearts

The Rochesters - He Knows My Name

He knows my name
When Im overwhelmed but the pain
Can't see the light of day
I know I'll be just fine

Shinedown - Get Up

Get up, get up, get up, get up

I know you're clingin' to the light of day
To tell you everything's A-okay

Antonio José - One Millimeter From You

I want to stay with your melody
That we don't wake up with the light of day
I want to stay not to imagine

Misha Marvin - Dance

We're not around, we're not around for anyone
Into the light, we're not going out into the light of day
We're not around, we're not around for anyone